GMA Network beefs-up One Mindanao newscast

Broadcast giant GMA Network is pouring P8 million to P10 million per newscast to improve its news presentation in Mindanao.

“Roughly, around P8 million to P10 million per newscast for all the changes that are being made. Hindi lang kasi siya one time, big time,” GMA Regional TV vice president Oliver Amoroso said.

Amoroso revealed that a lot of improvements are expected including the purchase of new equipment, software for the graphics and improvements in the set.

“If you look at it ang daming mga binago even the lightings. More or less yun ang budget allocated by GMA Network for the projects of regional TV. We also added teams not only in Davao but also teams in Northern Mindanao and other parts of the Philippines,” he said.

On August 19, GMA Regional TV’s unified local newscast in Mindanao brought better local news and features that matter to every Mindanaoan and delivered straight from its latest news hub in One Mindanao.

The beefed-up version of One Mindanao features broadcast journalist Tek Ocampo, host and news presenter Sarah Hilomen-Velasco, and news correspondents Real Sorroche, Sheillah Vergara-Rubio, Rgil Relator, Jandi Esteban, and Clyde Macascas together with the various local news teams based in Northern and Southern Mindanao and news stringers across Mindanao.

The One Mindanao studio was designed as an extension of the viewers’ living room and connecting the news anchors and the Kapuso in the regions.

The One Mindanao logo now dons a new color green that symbolizes GMA Regional TV’s branding throughout the Philippines. In addition to the new studio set, One Mindanao opens its doors to the public as it invites viewers to participate as live studio audience every Friday.

“For every Mindanaoan, local news matters—if not matters the most. This is why two years ago, we at GMA Regional TV made history when we launched One Mindanao—a local news program made by Mindanaoans, for the Mindanaoans. As we mark One Mindanao’s third year, we offer our loyal viewers a bigger, better, and bolder local news cast. We give you news from different key cities and provinces in Northern and Southern Mindanao in a format that is refreshing, yet with the same quality of reportage only GMA Network can deliver,” Amoroso said.

He also reported that RTV One Mindanao based on the latest August data registered its narrowest gap of 2.8% behind versus competition in Mindanao.

“We are just 2.8% behind in Mindanao. One Mindanao has narrowed the gap in the ratings and is now neck-and-neck with competition. It is the result of the collective efforts of the men and women of GMA Regional TV who are reaching more viewers in the regions, specifically in Mindanao,” he said.