‘Meningococcemia boy’ had high fever: Report

The four-year-old boy who died due to suspected meningococcemia had high fever prompting his parents to rush him to the hospital. He expired later of what is an apparent case of the dreaded disease described as rare but serious bacterial infection.


A neighbor, who requested anonymity living a few steps from the boy’s residence, told Edge Davao that he personally learned the boy was rushed to Brokenshire Integrated Hospital Ministries Inc (BIHMI), on Friday, because of high fever.

On Saturday, the team of Dr. Cleofe Tabada, chief of the Department of Health’s (DOH) Regional Epidemiology Surveillance Unit (RESU) inspected the boy’s school, Leap of Faith Learning Center, Inc. (LOFLC) at SM Village, Bangkal.

The administration of LOFLC issued a statement earlier assuring that the school is in constant communication and closely coordinating with the LOFLC parents, guardians, faculty and school personnel as well as concerned agencies such as DOH and City Health Office of Davao (CHO).

The school also reminded the students to consult their family physician as soon as possible as meningococcemia is considered as medical emergency.

The school administration is also asking for the public’s cooperation by respecting the family’s privacy and appeals to everyone to  refrain from sharing photos and posting comments on social medta that may give any more undue distress to the family concerned.

The meningococcemia scare came after a netizen posted on social media regarding the child’s death at BIHMI.

However, BIHMI denied in a statement about a meningococcemia outbreak in the city.

According to BIHMI, the patient was a suspected case who exhibited signs and symptoms same with the case definition of  of the disease. The collected specimen has been sent out to the microbiologist for confirmation and infection Control protocols were immediately instituted.

The ER and the hospital has been cleared by the Infection Control Committee and is now safe and operating normally as usual.

Meanwhile, the CHO clarified in a statement that there is no absolute data available now that confirms the child died of meningococcemia as blood samples were taken for examination and confirmatory tests.

CHO added that the hospital has strictly observed and conducted measures based on standard medical protocols to control possible infection and spread.

While waiting for results of the investigation, the CHO encouraged the public to keep calm, be cautious, and to refrain from spreading unnecessary information.