Davao City faces 4K gap in room accommodations

The city’s tourism sector is facing a ‘good problem.’ It needs more room accommodations.


Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc (DCCCII) President Arturo Milan said that data of the tourism sector in the city shows it has about 8,000 rooms available which falls short of the peak demand at about 12,000 resulting to a gap of 4,000 room accommodations.

“Do we have enough rooms? There is a challenge on the part that is why we’re still trying to promote. The tourism sector said we have about 8,000 rooms available, while the peak of the demand is about 12,000 so we have a gap of about 4,000 and others are being filled up by Air BnBs,” Milan said.

Milan said by January next year there will be about 1,400 new rooms with the opening of Acacia Hotel, Aeon Towers, and other new projects that will come in. By 2021, there will be Hotel 101, which will offer about almost a thousand rooms that will fill in whatever gaps there will be.

“As of now its Air BnB that is filling the gap. That is one challenge in property sector. Along Abreeza area I am sure there are a lot Air BnBs there.  Air BnB is a worldwide phenomenon because it is the cheapest way to travel and also because of the technology they can already do business and provide room service for tourists at very affordable cost.

These are new trends in travels right now. We just have to live with it,” Milan said.

Accommodation is among the value chain points, which is also called 5 A’s in tourism that is being reviewed by the city tourism stakeholders. Other points being reviewed also are

Arrivals focusing on the airport, seaport, and bus terminals; Access, which is transportation; Attractions and Activities.

“We are now conducting a review on hit the five different value chain points of tourism. We need to look at also whether our transportation really up for tourism. We need to have enough attraction. After one day or two days what can a tourist do in Davao City? And activities that is why DATA is organizing culinary events. We need also to expand our sports tourism para naa jud ta ongoing activities na maka-bira ug turista sa Davao,” he said.

He said reviewing the 5A’s will help sustain and keep the tourists coming to Davao City. He said tourism stakeholders should take advantage of the attractiveness of the city which continues to manifest in indicators like investments, tourist arrivals that are going up. 

The trend is considered very promising in 2019 compared to 2018.  

“That is why we are trying to expand our tourism not only centered in Davao City but also nearby provinces. I believe that we have a lot of attractive places.  Basically for the first time we cannot deny the fact it was President Rodrigo Duterte who made Davao very attractive. Tourists are also surprised that Davao is really peaceful,” Milan said.