DCPO denies involvement behind police-clad bat-wielding gangsters

The Davao City Police Office (DCPO) denied allegations that the Philippine National Police (PNP) is behind the violent police-clad “Bunal Gang” that roams around different areas in Davao City pass curfew hours and randomly hitting people with bats and whips.

DCPO spokesperson Capt. Nolan Tagsip, during the AFP-PNP Press Corps media briefing held at the Royal Mandaya Hotel on Wednesday, October 2, said their responsibility, as policemen, is to protect the public and ensure the safety of the people, and not to cause harm.

“We are law enforcers, we serve for right and protect not the other way around,” underscored Tagsip.

The office’s statement came after a posts in social media surfaced accusing the police of this unlawful approach of discipline.

Tagsip, however, said based on their investigation, the motive of these so-called vigilantes is revenge and could be linked to the case of a roof installer in Barangay Bucana who was allegedly killed while trying to stop a riot recently.

Tagsip downplayed the incidents as isolated case and vowed to intensify Ronda Patrol and Sagop Kabataan programs to stop the violent acts.
The spokesperson also urged the victims to file a formal complaint or blotter so the authorities could maximize their duty instead of posting their bad experiences in social media.

As of this writing, Tagsip said only one formal complaint was recorded in Sasa Police Station.

This issue was raised after several individuals posted in social media citing that they were hit randomly by a men in motorcycle.

Some netizens accused the police to be the culprit of the activity. Some claimed to have seen whippers and batters wearing policemen uniforms.