DOT exec urges positive news to boost Mindanao

Department of Tourism (DOT) undersecretary Arturo Boncato urges Mindanaoans during the second day of IPG Media Brands’ Navigate Mindanao at Dusit d2 Davao in Bo. Pampanga, Davao City to share positive news and stories about Mindanao to help build the image of the island. Lean Daval Jr

Mindanaoans are urged to continue sharing positive news to help build the image of the island as a thriving, ideal, and attractive destination.

This is in relation to reports that business leaders, marketing decision-makers, youth and community from outside Mindanao lack the knowledge on effectively marketing Mindanao as well as its growth opportunities.

Tourism Undersecretary Art Boncato has urged Mindanaons to share positive news about the beautiful destinations, air connectivities, and opportunities for tourism to help promote Mindanao.

“Davao is a bustling city now, Cagayan de Oro is, General Santos is, we have emerging destinations and other beautiful destinations. Siargao is voted the best island in the world-those kinds of news have to be shared. Even new connections, new flights domestic and international flying to Mindanao.

Those are economic indicators that will help build he image of Mindanao as a thriving, ideal and attractive destination,” Boncato said during the two-day marketing conference entitled “Navigate Mindanao” which was held on October 10 to 11 at Dusit Thani Residence Davao.

Boncato said there is a need to focus and ensure consistency in terms of communicating the markets and audiences about Mindanao.

“We need to continue to communicate and make sure that the positive voice is louder than any other voice. We already know that Mindanao is a growing island and urban centers are also growing fast and causes a lot of opportunities for tourism,” Boncato said.

Boncato was one of the speakers of the conference tagged as the first-of-its-kind immersive marketing event that featured an in-depth research, different perspectives and new lens on growth opportunities in Mindanao.
In his presentation, Boncato showed similarities of Mindanao in the rest of the Philippines and the differences.

He also shared the history of Mindanao, why Mindanaoans look at things differently and the different perspective of each people.

“In terms of tourism we say we have the natural products and services except that our effort is different when it comes to other destination because we continue to share information about Mindanao especially the positive development that shaped the confidence of travelers right now,” he said.

Boncato also shared how Mindanaoans look at peace.

“We the people from Mindanao we love peace but our path to peace is different from other parts of the Philippines and these are the things that we have to deal with if we continue to work on and continue pushing Mindanao as a destination for investment, tourism and the like. Mindanao is as beautiful as Visayas and Luzon,” he said.

Navigate Mindanao aims to help business leaders and marketing people to understand Mindanao in order to help it develop faster as one of the key growth areas of the Philippines.

The conference gathered participants ad attendees including marketing and media professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs, local business leaders, key opinion leaders, decision makers, government institutions, academe, local and international press as well as civic organization leaders in and from Mindanao.

Navigate Mindanao plays a vital role in equipping the brands with knowledge on effectively marketing in Mindanao, identifying approaches that work well in Mindanao, identifying any product innovation opportunities in Mindanao and emerging ideas and insights that will help brands gain shares in Mindanao.