DTI-Davao warns consumers in buying Christmas lights

The Department of Trade and Industry-Davao (DTI-Davao) has issued a warning to consumers in buying Christmas Lights.

DTI 11 is currently monitoring the selling of Christmas Lights in Davao City and is reminding consumers to buy only those that have Philippine Standards (PS) and Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) stickers.

“In DTI Davao Field Office we are conducting information dissemination with regards to Christmas lights. Dapat yung i-purchase nila na Christmas lights should have PS mark and ICC stickers,” said Alma Mariano, DTI-Davao

City trade-indsutry development specialist.

Mariano said consumers should look for ICC stickers with a validity from 2013 and beyond.

“Bantayan din natin na dapat ang ICC sticker is from 2013 and beyond. Meaning kung 2012 ang stickers hindi na siya puwedeng gamitin. Ang bago ngayon ay may QR code na ang ICC stickers at meron tayong app sa cellphone na puwedeng i-downlaod and ICC stickers to check the authenticity of the sticker,” she said.

Czar Raul Bulaclac, DTI-Davao acting head of Consumer Protection Division, said they are also monitoring the selling of noche buena products that are displayed in groceries.

He said groceries cannot start displaying noche buena products and selling them in regular prices as there is no SRP yet being released from the national level.
“As of this moment no SRP is released yet for national level para sa mga products in noche buena such as spaghetti and macaroni,” he said.

DTI is urging the business sector in Davao Region to strictly follow the suggested retail prices (SRPs) of noche buena products, basic necessities and prime commodities to avoid fines and penalties.

The call has been issued amidst the uproar over rising prices of fuel and other related products.

Noche buena products include ham, fruit cocktail, cheese, sandwich spread, mayonnaise, keso de bola, pasta/spaghetti, elbow and salad macaroni, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce and creamer. 

Basic necessities, meantime, include canned sardines, processed milk (condensed, evaporated and powdered), bread, instant noodles, detergent soap, bottled water (distilled, purified and mineral), and candles.

Meanwhile, among the prime commodities are luncheon meat, meat loaf, corned beef, beef loaf, condiments (vinegar, patis, soy sauce), toilet/bath soap, and batteries. Meanwhile, in celebration of October as Consumer Welfare Month, DTI-Davao has mounted various activities such as poster-making contest, quiz bowl and trivia night.