Bansalan seeks for help too

Bansalan town in Davao del Sur, the closest to earthquake-ravished Makilala, North Cotabato, is also seeking for help.

Leila Rispens-Noel, a netizen who co-founded Wilmer Foundation Hong Kong Ltd. said in a post on Friday: “Don’t forget Bansalan, too!” Wilmer Foundation is a Presidential Awardee for Organization Overseas 2019.
Rispens-Noel urged “concerned citizens” to help her hometown which was also devastated by the recent earthquakes and aftershocks that rocked Mindanao.

“If you are considering or is about to send help to communities affected by 6.7-magniture earthquake in Mindanao particularly the areas of Davao del Sur and North Cotabato, may I humbly include the town of Bansalan in Davao del Sur which is situated near the footstep of Mount Apo and adjoining to two towns severely hit and damaged by the series of strong 6-plus magnitude quakes,” says Rispens-Noel.

The two towns she was referring to were Magsaysay (in Davao del Sur) and Makilala (in North Cotabato). Bansalan is the last town of Davao del Sur before reaching Makilala if you are coming from Davao City.  The Makilala-Malungon Faultline runs between Davao del Sur and North Cotabato. 
“These two towns are priority-areas for they are located within or near the so-called Makilala-Malungon Fault Line thus absorbing the brunt of the 3 strong quakes since October 16 but Bansalan is only few kilometers from said epicenter,” explains Noel, who grew up in Bansalan.

According to Rispens-Noel, several barangays in Bansalan closer to the fault line, too, experienced severe damage.  These include Alegre, Bitaug, Darapuay, Dolo, Eman, Kinuskusan, Managa, Marber, and Sto. Niño.

“Wooden and concrete houses were not spared,” she said.  “Though there are no fatalities, the people suffer as the center of the town almost become a ghost town.  Food supplies are scarce as vendors have closed shops and/or possibly affected also. People need help in the form of drinking water, food, medicines, clothing and shelter especially canvass  (trapal) for makeshift tent.” 

Due to the successive aftershocks, people have been sleeping outside of their homes and pitching tents in areas where they feel safe. The local water district is also not providing water as it has been affected by the earthquakes.

“It is understandable that local government resources are limited to respond all request for assistance,” Noel says.  “We know that the national government are sending help but for sure it would that the national government are sending help but for sure it would certainly and understandably focus in severe-hit areas nearby.  But we are also nearby. 

Nearby Magsaysay and Makilala – just as hardly-hit.”