MGB 11 recommends immediate relocation of families in Bansalan’s 3 critical brgys

The Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB 11) has recommended for the immediate relocation of families from three critical barangays in Bansalan, due to the instability of the ground and slopes attributed to the recent earthquakes.

Based on the MGB-XI report on its rapid ocular inspection conducted on November 5-6, 2019, occurrences of tension cracks and landslides were confirmed in Barangays Altavista, Anonang and Managa.  

In Brgy. Altavista, Purok 3, Purok 5 and Sitio Sunop of Purok 7 were considered threatened by impending landslide primarily because of tension cracks.

MGB-XI’s report as of Friday revealed that majority of the houses were built on the roadside situated along ridges which is generally susceptible to landslide.

“Meron pang mga residents in these critical areas. Definitely, we recommend for immediate evacuation of these people to safer grounds,” stated Beverly Mae M. Brebante, Geosciences Division OIC-Chief of MGB-XI.

According to the report, tension cracks in Sitio Malupo in Brgy. Anonang were observed crowning along steep slopes directly going towards Miral River. The residents observed that the openings started gradually from Oct. 16 to Oct. 31 earthquakes.

At least two to three households have evacuated from below the said slope. But the barangay captain reported that several residents are still on the ground refusing to be evacuated.

In Brgy. Managa, reported tension cracks and landslides in four puroks have also been confirmed.

The report disclosed that series of tension cracks were observed in the view deck in Purok Pananag B, reaching to the households threatening at least nine. But, the cracks were relatively related to the disruption of natural slopes due to the development of road network.

MGB-XI recommended to cordon the view deck of Purok Pananag B to prevent civilians from entering the affected area.

Purok Pluto is also highly susceptible to landslide, and most of the residents evacuated to Brgy. Proper, while others chose to stay in safer grounds closer to their farms.

Landslide and tension crack in Purok Venus were found out along the highway going to Brgy. Kapatagan, while tension crack induced by typical earthquake and minor ground effects were observed in Purok Neptune.

Jesil Jaum, Bansalan Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (MDRRMO) officer, said they still have to plan the forced evacuation of the remaining affected families in these areas.

MGB-XI also recommended for the immediate removal of landslide debris along the creek to prevent damming which may cause more damages if not addressed.

Further, the agency advised the barangay LGUs and MDRRMO to constantly monitor the existing slope instability (tension cracks/ruptures/slumping) which may be aggravated during heavy rainfall and possible aftershocks. (Carina L. Cayon/PIA)

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