DCCCII, city gov't mulls economic plan amid Covid-19 threat

DCCCII president John Carlo Tria

The Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (DCCCII) will be working with the city government of Davao in coming up with a contingency economic plan to help the Davao business community, which is expected to experience losses amid the threat of Covid-19, a new coronavirus 2019.

DCCCII president John Carlo Tria told Edge Davao that the common sentiment among members of the business sector is how to continue doing business amid the Covid-19 threat.  

“Our major concern is to keep business flowing while observing maximum precautions in line with government’s. We are closely coordinating with the city government of Davao on the matter,” said Tria.

DCCCII is urging the business community to continue doing business but to observe maximum precautions imposed by the city government of Davao such as strict social distancing and hygiene procedures, which experts believe is the only way to control the spread of COVID- 19.

Tria said DCCCII is working with the ICT sector to help other businesses migrate to e-commerce like engaging online and electronic commerce.

According to DCCCII’s advisory shared on social media, stores will remain open, but business sector is urged to be prepared to sell, trade and make payments and fund transfers through electronic commerce channels and social media because these does not only make transactions simple, but also protects the staff from possible contaminated cash.

Tria said the business community is also being encouraged to practice online meetings as these allow safe transactions and discussions. He said the business community is also being urged to prepare a staffing procedure that assumes a flexible work plan and work from home plan to assume a reduced number of staff in office.

The chamber also urged cargo companies to practice safe cargo practices as public transportation and cargo deliveries will continue. DCCCII is also appealing to the owners to observe precautions and instruct clients to do the unloading to prevent exposure to their drivers and delivery personnel must remain in the vehicle to prevent transmission.

The public is being urged to engage also to legitimate product and food delivery services through which deliveries can be made. DCCCII reminded the public to engage only those delivery companies that possess necessary permits such as the Department of Communication and Information Technology – Private Express and/or Messengerial Delivery Service Operators (DICT-PEMEDES) delivery permit and domestic shippers accreditation by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Restaurants and food establishments are also encouraged by DCCCII to adhere to food safety standards and procedures implemented by the city and these include sterilizing utensils for use. In addition, staff and crew must wear personal protective equipment such as masks.