DOH 11 assures bed capacities of COVID-19 hospitals still in 'safe zone'

Dr. Lenny Joy Rivera, assistant director of DOH 11

The regional office of the Department of Health (DOH 11) assured the critical care utilization rate in Davao Region is still in the ‘safe zone.’ 

Critical care utilization rate refers to the percentage utilized out of all available mechanical ventilators and isolation beds in temporary health facilities as well as hospitals. It is a metric to determine whether a healthcare system will be overwhelmed. 

Dr. Lenny Joy Rivera, assistant director of DOH 11, explained in a virtual presser a healthcare system is considered in a “safe zone” if less than 30 percent of the beds and ventilators are occupied, ‘warning zone’ if 30 to 70 percent are utilized, and ‘danger zone’ if 71 percent to 100 percent of their beds and ventilators are used. 

“Kung titingnan natin kokonti lang yung critical cases kasi more of asymptomatic ang cases natin. Based on the DOH data collect bed tracker as of June 28, 2020, Davao Region is still are 28 percent lang po tayo at kung titingan natin sa range nasa safe zone tayo,” she said.

Rivera explained DOH 11 came up with the 28 percent critical utilization rate as hospitals being used for COVID-19, the new coronavirus 2019, cases are the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) and the Davao Regional Medical Center (DRMC). 

She said SPMC’s current critical utilization rate is at 40.2 percent while DRMC is at 16.7 percent. “Meaning Davao Region is still in the safe zone at may enough beds pa tayo for the critical and COVID-19 patients and this is because of the efforts of the local government units (LGUs) and other stakeholders.”
As of June 28, 2020, there are a total of 526 cases of COVID-19 in the region already since the start of the spread of COVID-19. Out of the 526, there are 219 asymptomatic and 233 symptomatic. Of these 286 are males and 240 are females. 

Rivera said there are 138 active cases and out of this 109 are asymptomatic, 23 mild, four severe, and two critical. In terms of admission, there are 40 admission at SPMC, one at DRMC, and 97 at the temporary treatment monitoring facilities (TTMF). 

Most affected are those individuals age 20 years old to 49 years old and the least affected are those individuals age 19 years old and below while the youngest who was tested for COVID-19 is a six day old neonate and the oldest is 82 years old. 

She also explained that from the additional 21 cases four are asymptomatic, one death, and six with symptoms. Also out of the 21, there were three repatriates and nine locally stranded individuals (LSIs), wherein three were from Manila and six from Cebu. 

In terms of contact tracing, out of the 526, there are 488 individuals or 93 percent who were already contact traced while 38 individuals or seven percent are still subject for contact tracing. 

Also as of June 28, there had been 15,996 specimens collected and ran in the three laboratories in in Davao Region wherein 988 yielded positive results and 15,008 negative.