Dabawenyos urged to participate in campaign vs terrorism

The city government has intensified its campaign against terrorism but getting added boost will have to come with the support of its residents. 
With that mindset, Dabawenyos are encouraged to participate in the city government of Davao’s campaign in securing Davao City against terrorism through the Culture of Security: “May Nakita? Dapat magsalita!” Project, launched on Wednesday, July 1. 

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio reminded Dabawenyos from all walks of life to be conscious of their roles as citizens and as responsible members of the community in keeping Davao City safe.

The Culture of Security Project is a people-centered campaign that encourages Dabawenyos to adopt vigilance as their way of life. The campaign “May Nakita? Dapat Magsalita!” was launched by the city government of Davao and Task Force Davao (TF Davao) following the issuance of Duterte-Carpio’s Executive Order No. 41, which is an order encouraging Dabawenyos to adopt the Culture of Security as part of their way of life. 

In that EO it is specified that terrorism is propagated by the threat groups when they are able to gain entry to Davao City, are allowed a place to stay inside the city or have Dabawenyos that give them a safe haven to hide –reasons why bombings happened in Davao City. 

In his presentation during the launch, TF Davao Commander Colonel Consolito Yecla discussed the four acts in the Culture of Security that Dabaweyos will adopt: volunteer, report, remind, and participate. 

Dabawenyos are urged to volunteer themselves for inspection and help in the implementation of security measures in the city; report all suspicious persons and activities in their community; remind friends and family of all the security regulations within Davao City; and Participate in implementing the culture of security within their workplace, school, purok, subdivision and to be an active part of their community defense system. 

“Dugay na nato ni gina-kampnaya ang atoang Culture of Security and our highlight is one of the pillars of the Culture of Security is to report that is why “Kapag May Nakita? Dapat Magsalita!” nga kampnaya, which is asking everyone if you see suspicious individuals or suspicious baggage or anything na sa tan-aw ninyo na kakaiba or weird ug kinahanglan i-report sa mga gihatag na mga hotlines sa Globe, Smart ug landlines. There is no information na dili importante and all pieces of information that reported are important,” Mayor Sara said.

The Culture of Security was conceptualized aiming that bombing incidents in Davao City will not happen again. 

“We have had bombing incidents over the years and while our security sector made more stringent measures to preventt similar incidents to happening again we too must do our part,” the mayor said. 

There are total of eight bombing incidents in Davao City since 1981 that killed 75 people and wounded 390 others: San Pedro Cathedral bombing on April 19, 1981 that killed 17 individuals and wounded 157 individuals; San Pedro Cathedral bombing on December 28, 1993 that killed six persons and wounded 51 individuals; Evergreen Hotel bombing on March 16, 2002 with one wounded; Old Davao City Airport bombing on March 4, 2003 that killed 22 and wounded 55 individuals; Sasa Wharf bombing on April 3, 2003 wherein 16 were killed and 46 wounded; City Overland Transport Terminal bombing on February 14, 2005 wherein six were wounded; SM and Gmall bombing on September 20, 2013 wherein five were wounded; and Roxas Night Market bombing on September 2, 2016 wherein 15 were killed and 70 wounded. 

“It is a wake-up call for us to adopt a Culture of Security to ensure that we will be safe. Why we need this culture of Security? Because the failure of one witness to report suspicious backpack on that faithful night resulted to the death of the 15 persons and wounding of 70 others in the Roxas Night Market,” Yecla said.  

Mayor Sara said the adoption of measures that these small acts of everyday vigilance can become part of Dabawenyos’ way of life.
“Because ang Dabawenyos dili lang disiplinado but we also look out for each other and for the community. Kitang tanan gusto ug malinawon na pagpuyo dinhi sa atong syudad. Dili ta gusto na mahasi. In fact, kitang tanan dili pud ta gusto aning pandemic so that is why it is important na we are all partners in securing our city,” she said. 

It is also emphasized in the EO that there is a need for Dabawenyos to understand that each individual, young or old, is a stakeholder in maintaining peace and order in Davao City and that the Culture of Security is a concept that entails commitment on the part of Dabawenyos to support the anti-terrorism efforts, which will in turn help create a physically and psychologically secure community. 
The campaign will be propagated through various activities that include malls, cinemas, PUV terminals, airports, seaports, event organizer, hotels, restaurants, convention centers and other establishments where iin they are required to show for public viewing an infomercial on the Culture of Security. 

All public and private schools are urged to work with the city government to develop modules on prevention of radicalization and must integrate in their orientation briefing to all students the culture of security. 
All places of worship are urged to practice and propagate the Culture of Security and to enforce their own security plan including the prevention of violent extremism. 

All security agencies/ providers are urged to integrate the Culture of Security in their refresher trainings. 

All LGU offices are required to become active proponent on the practice of the Culture of Security through their in-house or external trainings and seminars. 

“This is the long term solution because pipila lang man ang atoang personnel sa TF Davao, although, this unit is a special unit nga naka-direct gyud against anti-terrorism in Davao City but pipila lang sila. It is important that we abide in the responsibilities and the functions of TF Davao because kita ang nag-panag-iya sa atoang syudad,” Duterte-Carpio said.

To report suspicious persons and activities in the community, Dabawenyos can call TF Davao hotline numbers Globe 0917-131-4333, Smart 0999-227-1111, and telephone no. (082)224-0911. 

“Pag-alam ng terorista na dito sa Davao City lahat ay nagbabantay ng mga kahinahinalang tao, talagang hindi na sila mag-attempt and will be discouraged from or even planning terrorist activities in Davao City. This is how we should honor the 75 residents and visitors who lost their lives and the 390 others whose lives were forever changed because of terrorism,” Yecla said.