Enrollees still short of target: DepEd 11

The regional office of the Department of Education (DepEd 11) said it has yet to reach its targeted number of enrollees for the school year 2020 to 2021.

This has made DepEd 11 to extend the period of accepting enrollees until September 2020. 

Jenielito “Dodong” Atillo, spokesperson of DepEd 11, said in a virtual presser on Wednesday that as of Wednesday (August 12), the latest count of enrollees for the public school is 1,083,357 while for the private schools is 80,174. Atillo said the total enrollees represent 94 percent of the target.

For public schools DepEd 11 is targeting more than 1.16 million students while private school target is at 196,000.

“Base sa percentage anaa na kita sa mga 94 percent. Pero sa private school with that number ang ginaapas nato na figure based last year is 196,000. Sa pagkakaron, hinay hinay pa ta kadawat ug enrolees because we are being given the opportunity to accept enrollees until September,” he said. 

Atillo said there are still those students that have not yet enrolled in both public and private schools.

“As you can see wala pa nato nakab-ot ang atoang 100 percent sa public but there are a lot of those that are transferring from the private schools. So nakuhaan ang population sa private schools pero glaring ang fact na naa pa pud ang wala nagpa-enroll sa public school,” he said.  He added that DepEd 11 is calling everyone to respond as enrolment is extended until September. He also assured the parents that there will be no face to face classes until a vaccine is available. 

Meanwhile, DepEd 11 has conducted a dry run for the different learning modalities such as blended, modular, online, radio and TV, and based instructions.

Atillo said the agency visited different schools all over Region 11 to observe the type of modalities that will be utilized starting August 24, 2020. “Makita nato ang kaandam sa atong eskwelahan lakip na ang mga bata because sa dry run conducted is a real class situation. Kung nag-online ka naay teacher online learning ug naa pud mga bata sa tagsa tagsa nga panimalay. We also visited their homes, talked to the parents, ug among gitan-aw pud tong mga concerns sa ginikanan ug sa tunghaan ug mga teachers,” he said.