Sara told DOH 11 to intensify Covid-19 info dissemination

Apart from the surging cases of Covid-19, the city government of Davao is also facing the challenge of ‘infovirus’ or the spread of inaccurate information which is being blamed as the reason why more people are apparently ignoring the risks of Covid-19 virus. 

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio told Department of Health 11 (DOH11) to intensify its information dissemination related to the virus. 

“Dili man mi doctor para tubagon ang ilang mga pangutana about Covid-19, dili man mi doctor nga maka-eksplika kung unsa ang epekto sa Covid-19.

We refer it to the Department of Health na pakusgon ang ilahang  pagpasabot sa mga tao kung unsa ni ang Covid-19 para dili lisod for us  na naga-enforce sa tanan policies, regulations, guidelines sa government,” the mayor said.  

The mayor admitted that educating the people about Covid-19 and making them understand the protocols implemented by the city government of Davao is an uphill battle. 

The city government has already issued various policies through Executive Orders (EOs) for the public to follow in its goal to keep everyone safe from the virus. 

The mayor cited some taxi drivers in the city who are still not following city’s orders and even told their passengers not to follow the health protocols because for them the information about Covid-19 is false. Some drivers even claimed that majority of the taxi drivers don’t get sick with Covid. 

“Maka-explain ko base lang sa akong gibasa ug based on sa pagpasabot sa akoa sa doctor pero still I am not the correct person nga magpasabot sa inyuha ang because you will only say na ‘Mayor lang man na siya ug dili na siya health expert ug dili na siya trained professional,” the mayor said. 

“Tinuod na siya. Uphill ang pagpasabot sa mga tao kung ngano kinahanglan nato mag-implement ug health protocols especially dunay segment sa atong population, actually dili lang dili sa Davao City ug naa pud sa uban lugar, na dili musunod because dili sila mutuo, because naa sila lain gituohan,” Mayor Sara said.


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