Baste urges barangays to submit FM pass masterlist

Vice Mayor Sebastian “Baste” Duterte urged barangays to submit a masterlist for the distribution of the new Food and Medicine (FM) pass before the end of January this year in the hope.

The vice mayor said from 182 barangays, there are 137 barangays that have submitted their masterlists. The target is to finish the distribution before the end of the month as well.

“Mas maayo kung makapasa na sila ug masterlist before mahuman ang January. Hopefully mahuman ang January mahuman na ang distribution,” he said. 

The office of the Vice Mayor already started the distribution of FM pass first week of December last year.

Councilor Mabel Sunga-Acosta authored FM Pass ordinance for accessing essential goods.  

Section 2 of the ordinance provides that each FM pass must contain names of two individuals but only either person can use it at any given time to buy food and/or medicines, and must be accompanied with a valid ID to verify the name indicated.

“Bag-o ni karon in terms sa kadako sa iyang control number kay para kung ipakita nimo pareho sauna kung ipakita nimo sa mga pulis kinahanglan muduol karon mas dako na. Visible bisan unsa ka layo ang naka-rehistrado na control number. Ang data ani naa sa barangay. Kinahanglan mahibaw-an sa mga tao na kung natahatagan sila ug control number sa FM pass kinahanglan taguan ni nila kay kining control number kay mao na gyud ni ang control number sa duha ka members sa household. Kung mawala ang FM pass dili muhatag ang barangay ug VMO,” Duterte said.

Among provisions of the said ordinance is a fine of P5,000 against any person who will be caught changing any important information in the FM pass such as the names of the holder or the control number, producing fake FM pass, and using any tampered or forged FM pass.

“Ngano naay bag-ong FM pass? Ang unang mga FM pass daghan na nangawala ug daghan FM pass na wala na account ang mga control numbers ug matagak useless ang control number. Ang uban gina-peke ang karaan na FM pass mao na nag print ta ug bag-ong FM pass. Karon controlled and monitored na ang FM pass,” he said.