‘Exposed’ individuals get notifications

The Safe Davao QR will start notifying Dabawenyos who were at the same place and time with a Covid-19 positive individual.

A public advisory was issued last Friday by the Safe Davao QR Facebook page on the new mechanism of sending text messages to people exposed to a COVID-19 case. The public is urged not to panic and read and follow the instructions indicated in the text message.

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio clarified on Friday, the text message is not the same text message sent to those in close contacts with a positive case. These notifications are push notifications coming from the DQR system.

“Push notifications in DQR is not the same text message that we give to close contacts. This is a text message that we give to all who were in the same area with a COVID-19 confirmed case,” she said.

Mayor Sara said the text message sent to the registered numbers of the DQR holder will give them instructions on what to do.

She added that this is part of the city’s response for the people to be aware that they were in the same area or office or establishment and for them to be aware what to do.

“This is part of atoang response nga kinahanglan mahibalo ang tao nga they were in the same area or office or establishment. So that ang tao mismo kabalo unsa iyang buhaton and mag hinay-hinay siya sa iyahang lihok,”  the mayor said.

The recipients of the text message will receive from sender SAFEDAVAO QR and not from an ordinary cellphone number.
By Maya M. Padillo