Maya on the Block: Thank God, it’s Samgyup!

What’s with the Korean culture that Filipinos are going gaga?

From K-Pop music, to fashion, K-dramas and even food, Filipinos are swept away and addicted to anything Korean.

This influence is sweeping like a pandemic and it grows each day in every Dabawenyo’s heart.

Even a simple scene from a K-drama where an oppa buys and eat food such as samgyupsal or Korean grilled pork thrills Dabawenyo fanatics.

That’s why it is no surprise that Korean restaurants are now sprouting and thriving in Davao City.

Enter Samgyupsalamat Quirino at the Rogen Inn compound, the newest Korean BBQ restaurant in Davao City. The name itself is a fusion of Korean and Filipino.

Samgyupsalamat Quirino recently inaugurated with no less than Mayor Sebastian “Baste” Duterte, Rogen Inn’s Gene Bangayan, and young entrepreneurs Katrina and Renzo Bangayan.

The resto serves everything that you are craving for.

The unlimited Samgyup has 12 kinds of meats for P549 per head. For pork: dae-pae, bul-jib, yangnyum daepae, gochujang samgyup, and yangnyum buljib and for beef: beef samgyup, yangnyum beef, boolgogi, gochujang beef, and gravy beef; chicken: yangnyum galbi, gochujang dakgalbi, and fried chicken ball.

There’s also the refills of rice, the side dishes, lettuce, sweet baby potatoes, fish cakes, a salad, kimchi, etc and iced tea, which was apparently also unlimited

“We will always be proud to say that we use high quality meat, our side dishes freshly made and we never sacrifice quality,” said Michelle Bangayan, co-owner.

The resto uses hardwood charcoal so the grilling is quicker, which makes the meat juicy and melts in the mouth.

Samgyupsalamat Quirino is the newest place to hang out with co-workers, friends, and family after a hard day’s work and social gather while enjoying barbecue together. A stress relieving moment to be thankful for.

The restaurant is open from 11 am to 9 pm.

“But we are planning to extend to 10pm na on Fridays and Saturdays soon,” Bangayan said.

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