Maya on the Block: Loving your skin

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and one of its main functions is to protect your body from external elements such as bacteria, chemicals, and other toxins.

It is also a good indicator of everybody’s general health and that is the reason why it is important to invest on skin care.

Skin care does not choose any season, whether it’s summer or rainy, even during pandemic, as there are a lot of factors that can take its toll on your skin. Skin care is essential and a proper regimen will help in making your skin firm, tough, beautiful, and even protected from viruses.

Give your skin a little love with Savonille Skincare Essentials, which has an array of essential skin care products, carefully formulated, dermatologically, and clinically tested to be effective and safe for sensitive skin.

The name Savonille was derived from the combination of two terms: Savon, meaning soap, and Manille, the name that Europeans used to call Manila with during the Spanish era.

Launched online under Optimity Corporation in December 2021, Savonille was first available online with product categories including Brightening Soaps, Brightening Hand and Body Washes, Moisturizing Hand Sanitizers, and Brightening Hand and Body Lotions.

The products were recently introduced here in Davao City by a Mindanaoan entrepreneur Anna Marie T. Anastacio, chief executive officer of Optimity Corporation, through the Savonille Skincare Essentials Glow Getter Fellowship event with the Davao media and influencers at Habi at Kape in Rogen Inn, Davao City.

“I was never into skin care but what encouraged me to go into it is the science behind it. We have soaps, hand and body wash, hand sanitizer, and lotion. Why such products? Because it was during the height of the pandemic and I was looking at what the people need at that point in time,” Anastacio said.

For a little more TLC, it uses licorice, which has glycyrrhizin that prevents premature aging, as a unique ingredient across the categories. Glycyrrhizin is an anti-inflammatory that reduces irritation, itching, redness; and skin lightening.

In enhancing product efficacy, the hand and body lotions contain coconut oil while the moisturizing hand sanitizers contain 70 percent ethyl alcohol and aloe vera.

The brand is well-loved for its three signature scents: Citrus Boost (lemon scent), Classic Mild (baby powdery scent), and Floral Fresh (floral scent) which is available across all four categories. It also has an unscented line called Pure, and a double dose of anti-microbial potency under Tea Tree.

The only partner you will ever need in your journey to healthy skin, Savonille Skincare Essentials have both regular commercial sizes and easy-to-carry travel sizes for all its products. It also has curated gift sets that are ideal for gift-giving on any occasion.

In Davao City, Savonille is available in SM Lanang Premier’s Kultura Filipino Boutique, NCCC Department Stores (Magsaysay, Buhangin, and Tagum), and soon Chimes (Sales and Abreeza Mall).

Savonille is available in more than 30 online and offline stores in the Philippines and has recently launched on Amazon US.

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