Maya on the Block: Cheers to more memories in 2023

“Revenge travel” became a popular term after the world resumed its love affair with globetrotting.

Travel-hungry citizens’ appetite for jet setting is intense than ever as everyone is trying to make up for lost time. To the extent of splurging on extras.

Thanks to the easing of travel restrictions, tour operators’ bookings and sales are skyrocketing.
The holidays maybe the peak time for travel agencies but the members of the Davao Travel Agencies Association (DTAA) squeezed in their hectic schedules to gather for a Boho-themed Yearend Party at The Mangroves last month.

Every one came in their best Bohemian-inspired attire, including me, who was invited as guest.

The event was highlighted with the oath-taking of new DTAA officers administered by director Tanya Rabat-Tan of the Department of Tourism 11 (DOT 11).

And speeches from distinguished guests were full of hopes and expectations for continued rebound and recovery after a tumultuous ride.

“With the restart of tourism, the tour operators are expected to be busy with different conventions and groups coming in. A number of Tour Operators have expressed that their businesses have started to recover as early as the 2nd Quarter of 2022 and we expect that we will have more business this year,” said Pia Partoza Montano, vice president of DTAA.

To all the adventurous and the jet setters this month of January is a great time to start looking for your next big adventure and DTAA is waiting and ready to help you pick the perfect destinations to make more great memories in 2023.

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