Mu-X owners in 3-day drive tour

Proving that the Isuzu mu-X SUV provides the power, comfort, and fuel efficiency needed forits drivers and passengers to enjoy epic, long drives, the country’s first Isuzu mu-X club, the mu-X Owners of the Philippines (mu-X OP), successfully concluded a 3-day caravan, 1,300-km loop of central and northern Luzon last March 29 to 31.

More than 100 mu-X OP members and their families joining the long caravan of mu-X SUVs,the itinerary included some of the most picturesque   destinations in  central and  northernLuzon: Poro Point in San Fernando, La Union; Vigan, Ilocos Sur; Paoay Church in IlocosNorte; the Burgos and Bangui Windmills; the Patapat Viaduct, the rolling hills of Kalingaprovince, and; Magat Dam in Nueva Ecija.

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) officers and members of the motoring media joined thefun summer ride on board two 3.0-liter mu-X units and witnessed once more the joy and camaraderie   mu-X   OP   members   shared   among   themselves   as   they   hopped   from   one breathtaking destination to another.

Mu-X  OP  has   been   actively   engaged   in  numerous   family   tours   and   outreach  programs, keeping the fun, friendly, family-centered and neighborly spirit of the club alive and thriving through their use and shared enjoyment of their Isuzu mu-X SUVs. These caravans are also meant to entice other mu-X owners join the Club.

Mu-X OP’s Board of Trustee, Mr. Jomar Lianko described this latest ride of the Club:”Like all our other trips in the past, this latest caravan has been very successful. Our Metro Manila members were joined along the way by other club members based in central and northern Luzon. And as you can see, every member of the family enjoyed the tour, despite the length of the trip and the fact that we’re constantly on the road. It just proves that theIsuzu mu-X is very comfortable and safe that we hear no complaints from the passengers.

Plus,   the   perfect   blend   of   fuel   efficiency   and   power   of   Isuzu   mu-X   provides   our   Club members a worry-free drive and lets them focus more on enjoying the trip.” He  added:  “With  mu-X  OP  already  counting   more  than  3,000   members  nationwide,  ween vision   all   mu-X   owners   in   the   Philippines   to   join   us.   And   one   way   of   enticing   new members   is   to   show   them   how   active   we   are   in   our   organized   fun   tours   and   various community-building activities.”

Mr. Dennis Magbitang also expressed his gratitude to IPC for consistently supporting theClub in its endeavors.  “IPC’s support means a lot for the members, and it gives practicalmeaning to the company’s motto of being ‘Responsible Partners’.”

For their part, IPC officers also expressed their thanks to mu-X OP members, stating that theClub’s various fun and community-building activities exemplify how Isuzu mu-X can be anintegral and dependable part of the Filipino motorist’s lifestyle, enticing future mu-X ownersto explore the many possible ways they can enjoy their Isuzu vehicle.