Make way for the Honda XRM Fi 125

Imagine the usual ride that’s best for the day-to-day grind modified to make every trip more enjoyable and even more exciting and thrilling.

Imagine no more as Honda Philippines, Inc., the leading motorcycle manufacturer in the Philippines, launched the newest edition of the popular Honda XRM line– the Honda XRM 125 Fuel Injection (Fi) which showcases jazzed up features and styling that’s ready for the extreme.

Freshly styled for on and off road riders, XRM 125 Fi’s new image of color and stripes are for Filipino riders who are keen about design and style on top of the tested performance of this ride.

“We made this improvement to understand the Filipino riders,” Honda Philippines, Inc. president Susumu Mitsubishi, during the launching of the modified trademark motorcycle of the company last Sunday, September 15 at Honda Philippines Inc. Davao Depot in Buhangin, said.

Despite its new appealing design, Honda XRM 125 Fi maintained its noted performance features and even made it even better with more powerful engine that could endure riding mountain trails and uphill. It is also equipped with a comfortable 755mm seat height for greater comfort to match its tough style supplied with PGMFI fuel system for better fuel-efficiency.

Brace for XRM 125 Fi’s supermoto bike-inspired design in blazing fighting red and striking tangerine orange, complemented by stylish alloy wheels for extra road drama. It also comes in premium sports design in bold black accented by bright red calipers. 

Another is the motorcross-inspired design emblazoned in dark green, bold black and bright fighting red making any rider look fierce coming down the road.

These new designs promised to evoke excitement in bike lovers.

“We are all proud of the new Honda XRM 125 Fi that is exclusively for any Philippine road condition. This new image to the exciting lineup of Honda XRM 125 will make the rider feel the extreme through its toughness and style,” Mitsubishi said.

He stressed that the new Honda XRM 125 Fi is one of many ways the company brings joy to riders who wished to escape the daily challenges of traffic among other doldrums of the urban jungle.

All new designs are available in all Honda dealer shops nationwide.