Females are taking the brunt of human trafficking cases in the Davao region, with women accounting  for 179  cases out of the total 201 victims listed by the Department of Justice.

In contrast, only 22 males were victimized  by human trafficking.

Of the 179 female victims, 94 of them were minors and 46 were adults. As to male victims, 11 were minors and three were adults.

The Department of Justice in Region XI has recorded 201 trafficking in persons cases filed in court as of July 2018.

Records obtained from the DOJ showed that the highest record of TIP cases involved undetermined types of sexual trafficking with 103 cases, followed by prostitution with 75 cases and cyber- sexual trafficking with 10 cases.

Most of these clients are located in Davao del Sur with 128 victims, followed by Davao City with 40 victims, Davao del Norte with 25 victims and Compostela Valley with 6 victims.

Of the 201 cases filed in court, 50 presented evidence by pros, 44 were decision, 28 were dismissed, 22 were archived, 20 presented evidence by defense, nine were pre-trail, three were arraignment and three were standing warrant of arrest.

DOJ urged government authorities to intensify their monitoring and surveillance on human trafficking. The office also encouraged people to ask the right government agencies for queries before accepting offers from strangers.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), meanwhile, revealed a total of 244 of TIP recorded in the region from 2015 up to July 31, 2018.

The record showed that were 92 cases in child or cyber-pornography and sexual exploitation, followed by forced labor with 83 cases, and illegal recruitment with 54 cases.

The Women and Children’s Protection Desk of the Davao City Police Office served 14 trafficking victims this year, which was a significant increase from the total of 11 cases in 2016 and 2017.