PARTY DRUGS Ecstasy now in Davao schools : PDEA

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in Region 11 (PDEA-11) is closely monitoring a prominent school in Davao City after the agency gathered reports of peddling of prohibited party drug called ecstasy within school premises.

PDEA Assistant Regional Director lawyer Behn Joseph Tesiorna said that the identity of the alleged pusher has been established and being closely monitored for months. He refused to name the educational status, or the background of the alleged distributor.

However, Tesiorna said that the pusher’s activity has been slow in recent monitoring.

“The information was tipped by a concerned citizen in November last year,” Tesiorna revealed. adding that the suspect has also been conducting transactions in different schools in the city.

The PDEA officials urged the public, especially the students, to report any information of suspicious proliferation of illegal drugs within their area.“Let us not wait that our children will be the ones affected. If you have any tip, feel free to coordinate with us,” Tesiorna said.

Recently, a 19 year old female student died due to alleged party drug overdose, while celebrating the Sinulog festival in Cebu. Authorities are still conducting investigations of the incident. 

In a previous report, PDEA11 had issued a warning on the proliferation of party drug ecstasy in Davao City.

PDEA-11 Regional Director Antonio Rivera said that the party drug is being distributed in well-known clubs in the city.

Rivera, however, said the distribution is not that rampant considering the costly price of ecstasy ranging from P2,000 to P10,000. He said that the distributor comes from an influential family.