A TRIBUTE Mayor Sara tells Dabawenyos: Araw ng Davao is for you

82ND ARAW NG DAVAO KICKOFF. Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio lead the opening of the 82nd Araw ngDavao celebration at Rizal Park in Davao City on Friday evening. Duterte-Carpio said the celebration centers on the hardwork, sacrifices, discipline, and success of every Dabawenyo. In her speech, the mayor expressed her gratitude to the contribution of Davao City’s traffic enforcers, garbage collectors, street sweepers, teachers, policemen, firemen, and soldiers and also recognized law abiding Dabawenyos. Lean Daval Jr

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio urged Dabawenyos to go out and take part in various activities during the month-long celebration of the 82nd Araw ng Davao.

Mayor Sara, during the official opening of this year’s Araw ng Davao festival held at the Rizal Park late Friday, said more events were added to the festivities through the efforts of offices and individuals who worked together to make the celebration a success.

“Hinaut ako na kamong tanan malipay sa gipang andam namo para kaninyo. Let the celebration be the way for us to learn and honor the past and be hopeful for the future while always remaining vigilant,” the presidential daughter said.

Emphasizing on the occasion’s significance, Mayor Inday said Araw ng Davao is being celebrated each year to recognize the hard work, sacrifices, successes and triumphs of the Dabawenyos.

“Ngano nato gina celebrate ang Araw ng Davao taga tuig? Simple lang, kay ang Araw ng Davao, Araw ng mga Dabawenyos,” she said.

Mayor Inday likewise stressed that the celebration is a way to salute the hard working people of Davao City including the traffic enforcers, garbage collectors, sweepers, teachers, police, firemen and soldiers.

“Para sa tag balay nga naga segregate sa ug labay sa saktong basura sa saktong oras, sa mga honest na taxi drivers, sa mga responsible establishment owners na naga tuman sa liqour ban, sa mga law abiding citizens nga ga tabok sa pedestrian lane ug sa mga ga tuman sa speed limit, no smoking ug sa no drunk driving,” she said.

Apart from the Dabawenyos, Duterte said everybody is welcome to come and celebrate the occasion including the ‘Black Holes’ which is her reference to the opposition Otso Diretso senatorial ticket.

While the program was ongoing, personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police (AFP-PNP) secured the entire San Pedro Street and adjacent streets nearby to conduct bag inspections to passers by.

The “No Back-Pack” policy was implemented in the venue. No untoward incidents and violations of the order were reported.