Reports she went crazy over Expedition car as gift to PRRRD untrue, says Mayor Sara

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Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte- Carpio denied a report she went crazy over a car reportedly given to President Rodrigo Duterte by evangelist Apollo Quiboloy.

“I categorically deny the 2016 Rappler story quoting President Rodrigo Duterte as saying that I “went crazy” because I wanted the car supposedly given to him by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy,” the presidential daughter said in a statement released on Monday.

“This incident never happened. I never saw an Expedition vehicle allegedly given by Pastor Quiboloy,” she said reacting to the report which she called as another ‘journalistic mishap.’

“The story was clearly a journalistic mishap and it was unfair and injurious to me as someone named in the article, something which would have been avoided had the writer conducted a simple process of verification,” Mayor Duterte said.

She said her father “may have referred to another person with Inday as a name or he incorrectly remembered events.”

Or it could also be just one of his jokes. The President has a knack for teasing the media with his trademark jokes.

“Pehaps, the story told by PRD, the time when he was still Mayor of Davao in May 2016, was just another one of his jokes, which he usually peddles to the media,” Mayor Duterte said.

She added the statement by President Duterte apparently “went unchecked and was taken by the media hook, line, and sinker.”

“It was reported as truth,” she said.