Tonyboy’s camp denies doing an ‘Osmeña act’Tonyboy’s camp denies doing an ‘Osmeña act’

Former Davao del Norte second district congressman Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo’s camp shrugged off accusations he is doing the infamous action of former Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña who was criticized for allegedly stripping out immovables in his office right after losing the midterm elections last May.

This came after an information circulated that Floirendo tasked his team to yank off two of eight toilet bowls and some of the doors in Barangay Una Gym.

An official statement released by Floirendo’s camp late Monday, July 15, through their official Facebook page Serbisyo Una, stated that the Floirendos, renowned for supporting local boxers in Panabo City, decided to just temporarily cease operation in Barangay Una Boxing Gym and transfer the boxing gym somewhere more conductive to boxers’ training without being harassed of eviction.

“At the moment, we are negotiating for its transfer to Carmen town or the Barangay AOF in Panabo City. This is the reason why we have to take away all of the necessary equipments needed for the continuance of the operation of the boxing gym,” Serbisyo Una stated, adding that for the meantime, the Anflo Group of Companies decided to continue supporting their boxing scholars.

Serbisyo Una also explained that their team was tasked to take the gym equipments and other materials including 2 out of 8 toilet bowls installed in the gym as they were already cracked and could no longer be used.

“Some of the doors in the boxers’ quarters were also taken out so they could be used in the new relocated gym. The toilet sink taken out was an extra sink while the rest were left behind.”

The camp also made clear that the building of Barangay Una Boxing Gym was originally constructed thru the congressional fund and not by the city.

“It was renovated sometime in 2016 using private funds. The land was supposedly donated by the city to then congressman Floirendo for the purpose of using it as boxing gym which the congressman refused as he finds it improper.”

Floirendo, according to his staff, made use of the land anyway and erected a gym that is now known as the Barangay Una Boxing Gym.

“Though the building was constructed using the congressional fund, the rest of the equipment are personal property of Floirendo and/or Tadeco,” Floirendo’s camp said.

It also stated that the operation of Barangay Una Boxing Gym since it started was funded by the Anflo Group of Companies to the tune of at least P300,000 a month that includes allowances of boxing scholars and their coaches including the tuition fee and other school fees of the scholars.

“We have a “no school, no boxing” policy where a boxer must be enrolled first before he be allowed to train in the boxing gym. Needless to say, for the more than a decade of operation of Barangay Una, we have already produced international boxing champions, Olympians, and professional boxers,” Floirendo’s camp stated.