The road to total single use plastic ban begins with the city government.

The Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) and the City Hall of Davao City are being eyed as pilot areas for a more effective implementation of the banning of the single-use plastics in the city. As such, civil servants will be the role models to champion this good practice.

Interface Development Interventions (IDIS) Executive Director Chinkee Pelino-Golle told media in Kapehan sa Davao that they are re-booting their campaign efforts in the implementation of the banning of the single-use plastics in the city and is eyeing the SP and the City Hall as models for such campaign.

IDIS has passed a proposal last year to the offices of city councilors Mabel Sung-Acosta and Diosdado Mahipus Jr. for the crafting of an ordinance banning the use of single-plastics in the city. However, their proposal didn’t progress.

“As of now nagsugod na pud mi sa among No To Single Use Plastic campaign since bag-o na pud ang city council because the previous city council wala ni siya ni-gulong ang among proposal for an ordinance banning the use of single-use plastics,” she said.

Golle said they are promoting the campaign now in a larger scale.

“Sulti namo sa city council and city Hall these areas should be the models by adopting not to use the single – use plastics like the use of plastic stirrers, 3-in-1 coffee sachets, unta wala na,” she said.

Golle disclosed that Vice Mayor Sébastian Duterte and Councilor Diosdado Mahipus Jr. expressed support and willingness to partner with IDIS for the banning of the use of plastics.

She added that Duterte has agreed to prioritize the passing of the banning of single-use plastic ordinance in the council. She is also hopeful that the ordinance will be passed before the year ends.

“We are very happy kay open na ang office ni Councilor Mahipus for the partnership and I think his office and the Office of vice mayor Baste Duterte agreed to prioritize in passing the ordinance banning the use of plastic ordinance within the period of the council. Unta before mag end ang 2019, ipasa na kay medyo positive ang response and also in Davao City,” she said.

Golle added that there are a number of schools and organizations in Davao that are already implementing the banning of the single-use plastics.

” That is a very positive development, ” she said.

A symposium on the banning single-use plastics at the SP was also held yesterday (Sept. 9) wherein objectives, recommendations and policies of the banning ordinance were presented.

Golle said possible provisions in the ordinance include the implementation of the ban can be done by phases: Phase 1- the banning of the single use plastics, Phase 2- institutions and private organizations should stop using plastics, and Phase 3- corporations should implement labelling their packaging with single-use plastic label.

IDIS also proposed that the City should give incentives to organizations and institutions that adopt the banning of the single-use plastic.

“At least malipay sila,” said Golle of the incentives system.

The group also recommended the penalties collected from using single-use plastics  must be use environmental purposes.

“These are policies being considered in the banning of single-use plastic ordinance,” she said adding that the policies are expected to be presented by Mahipus in the city council plenary.

The month of September has been declared as Lunhaw (green) month by virtue of Executive Order (EO) No. 28 Series of 2018 issued by Mayor Sara Duterte. The celebration aims to promote the greening of Davao City.

Apart from the abovementioned  symposium, other activities are the Lunhaw Initiatives Exhibit at the SP, Lunhaw Fest at Rizal Park, 7th Lunhaw Awards Ceremony Night, Urban Green Zones Research Presentation, and Community-based Water Monitoring.