Task Force Davao holds anti-terrorism seminars to Roxas Night Market vendors

Vendors at the popular Roxas Night Market were given first hand anti-terrorism seminar in preparation for the area’s imposition of Maximum Security Zone.

Task Force Davao has conducted the series of anti-terrorism seminars aimed at training various sectors.

On Tuesday morning, the seminar was given to Roxas Night Market vendors in preparation for the declaration of the area as a Maximum Security Zone.

The same seminar was separately given to business owners, public utility vehicle drivers, and mall workers.

Task Force Davao Commander, Colonel Consolito Yecla, almost 400 Roxas Night Market vendors attended the seminar on Tuesday morning.

Yecla said the seminar was initiated to inculcate the “culture of security” among the vendors and business owners who would also serve as eyes and ears on the ground.

“They were given a checklist by TFD on how to secure themselves and the market, through the practice of the culture of security,” he said.

The culture of security is part of the anti-terrorism drive of the government. Lessons also emphasize the importance of sharing or reporting of information and maintaining cleanliness and orderliness for the area’s security.

“It is easy to identify potential threat such as unattended baggage if the area is clean and orderly,” he said.

Roxas Avenue is being eyed as the second maximum security zone in the city because it is where people converge and several events are also held.

The first declared maximum security zone is the San Pedro Square which is also the site of major events such as the Araw ng Dabaw, Kadayawan Festival, and Pasko Fiesta.

A maximum-security zone is an area to which access is controlled through an entry point and limited to authorized, appropriately screened personnel and authorized and properly escorted visitors, and monitored 24 hours a day and seven days a week by peace-keeping forces. This means stricter measures are implemented.

Recall that Roxas Night Market was the site of the bomb explosion on September 2, 2016, that killed 15 persons and injured 69 others.

Task Force Davao also conducted Anti-Terrorism forum to mall workers, including 180 security guards, of two malls in the city to further strenghten its anti-terrorism campaign.CIO