CTTMO ready for enforcement of public fee parking zones

City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) head Dionisio Abude Jr says during I-Speak media forum on Thursday that the city government of Davao will collect parking fee in selected main thoroughfares of the city starting January next year in line with the implementation of Ordinance No. 052-13 Series of 2013. Lean Daval Jr

The City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) gears up for the implementation of the public fee parking zones that will commence by January 2020.

The city government has designated the CTMMO to implement a public fee parking zone system starting January next year which aims to prevent full parking but make public parking spaces in Davao City accessible to motorists.

CTTMO head Dionisio Abude Jr. told media that they are now focusing on conducting information dissemination to the Davaoeños and visitors of the city about the implementation of the public parking fee zone next year.

“What we are waiting right now is by the end of December makatindog ang atong signages informing motorists of the parking fee,” Abude said.

The public parking fee system will be initially implemented in some of the city’s main thoroughfares namely San Pedro Street, Ilustre Street, Pelayo Street, Iñigo Street, Villa Abrille Street, Monteverde Street, and Duterte Street. Noticeably, newly painted parking slots are now available in San Pedro, Ilustre, and Duterte streets.  

“Para ang tanan dunay chance nga maka-parking ug dili gamiton lang sa pipila ang tibuok parking space 24 hours,” he said.

Abude also said the agency is now working hard to finish the 75 bike racks set up in the said seven streets.

“This will also encourage our bicycle community as there are already bike racks being set up in the corners of the street. Karon every corner naa nata ibutang six slots para sa bikes kung asa nimo i-lock ang imong bike,” Abude added.

The implementation of parking rates is based on the City Ordinance No. 052, Series of 2013, the ordinance that amended Ordinance No. 153-A, Series of 1990, entitled An Ordinance imposing Parking Fees on all vehicle owners/drivers for using certain streets in Davao City as Parking Spaces and for other purposes.

A fee of P20 for the first two hours and P10 for the succeeding hours will be imposed to light vehicles while for bicycles there will be P2 fee for first two hours and P1 for the succeeding hours and for motorcycles, a P5 fee will be imposed for the first two hours and P2 every succeeding hours.

Abude added they are now processing the hiring of 80 parking fee enforcers. He said they will start training the enforcers next month.

“Meaning to say within two hours na mu-parking ka sa isa ka slot in San Pedro Street immediately ang atong parking fee enforcer will issue an order of payment ug cash receipt to the driver. Paghuman ug parking muduol nimo ang enforcer para tan-won ang time of arrival and time of departure,” he said.