Kadayawan sa Davao 2020 activities go digital

Dancers perform during the previous Kadayawan sa Davao’s Indak-Indak Kadayawan, a street dancing competition which showcases the dances of the indigenous people. This year’s Kadayawan Festival goes digital as Davao City will have an austere celebration while the city is in a period of mourning and vigilance due to the public health crisis. The week-long Kadayawan activities are moved to digital platforms from August 17 to 24, 2020. Edge Davao

If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Not even the pandemic can stop Dabawenyos from celebrating this year’s Kadayawan sa Davao as the Davao Tourism Association (DATA) is organizing a Kadayawan Digital Week in commemoration for the 35th Kadayawan Festival.

On Monday, DATA  revealed plans to celebrate Kadayawan full blast by organizing activities and competitions via digital platform beginning on August 17 to 24, 2020. 

The activities will be opened with “Ang Pag-abli” on August 17.  

The activities set to be mounted online include the innovative ‘Tiktok Indak Indak Kadayawan’ (open to all residents and using official Kadayawan music), Kadayawan Music Video making competition (using past Tunog Kadayawan song entries), MMK-X or the most memorable Kadayawan experience (by posting most memorable photos), #challengeaccepted (in black and white), Best of Hiyas sa Kadayawan, Hulagway Kadayawan (online photo exhibit), Kadayawan Museonline (paintings and artwork exhibit), Kadayawan in Retrospect webcast series, Best of Sayaw Kadayawan (highlights of past Sayaw), Best of Habi Kadayawan (highlights of past Habi), Best of Bantawan Kadayawan (highlights of past Bantawan), Best of Indak Indak sa Kadayawan (highlights of past Indak Indak), Best of Pamulak and Pitik Kadawayan (highlights of past Pamulak and Pitik), Pahalipay Online Paglaum Concert sa Zoom. 

The best of ‘Indak Indak’ will happen on Aug. 22.

“The Kadayawan spirit lives on. Akala ng iba wala pero meron. We Dabawenyos we have to adopt to change. We have to face the new reality. We have to live the new normal, but we have to do something that is why we collaborated with the City Tourism Office and the city government of Davao to come up with something. Somethirng old and something new. Para dili nato malimtan ang Kadayawan together lets commemorate the essence of Kadayawan as we use technology to launch Kadayawan Digital Week 2020,” said Gatchi Gatchalian, digital director of Kadayawan Digital Week 2020 and president of DATA in a zoom conference on Monday. 

Gatchalian said there will be digital prizes and that hundreds of winners in each competition. 

“Our festival ground will be online in our official Facebook Kadayawan sa Davao official Facebook page. In our upcoming activities everything we are working with our digital partners through FB online. One of the partners has committed to give cash and phones by choosing the digital top choice. Loads, e-cash, gadgets, food vouchers.  The digital partners will choose their top choice for each of the competition,” Gatchalian added. 

He assured that the 11 tribes, which are among the main highlights of every celebration, can participate digitally.

Generose Tecson, head of the City Tourism Operations Office (CTOO), said deputy mayors of the tribes will participate during the “Pag-abli” (opening) during the flag ceremony in the city hall. 

“We are always in contact with them, kahit sila mismo gusto nilang buksan ang kanilang mga tribal houses but because of the pandemic right now we have to tell them that we will celebrate Kadayawan this year in another way,” she said.  

Gatchalian said the 11 tribes will get involved in most of the webcast series and how they became inspiration in so many Kadayawan events.

“We are trying to reach out to them to see how they are doing also. Definitely we are also taking care of our 11 tribes. Talking about Kadayawan, they will always be a source of inspiration as they have always been,” he said.  

Gatchalian said through webcast series and the Kadayawan in retrospect, the tribes can share their experiences through zoom.

“Kadayawan in retrospect two part series wherein we get to hear them their past experiences and their message to us. The challenge now is technology and we have to interview them through zoom but definitely the 11 tribes will be very much involved in Kadayawan Digital Week,” he said. 

He added that they are also discussing with CTOO to conduct virtual tours highlighting the different attractions in Davao City since tourists are not allowed in this year’s celebration . 

Gatchalian also said that this year’s celebration is zero budget from the city government of Davao.  

“Walang budget ang city government nito. Ang ginawa nami nangayo mi ug tabang sa atong digital partners. We are doing this because we want to make sure na hindi nila maakakalimutan ang Kadayawan. Remember when the pandemic started ano nga ba daw ang unang gagawin natin kapag nagging normal na, Ang sabi ko we will not wait for the normal we will do something now and keep on promoting Davao City. Nobody should stop us in promoting Davao City and even Kadayawan ayaw nating makalimutan even our guests abroad,” he said. 

This year’s celebration is a way different from the previous years that attracted tourists and visitors. In Kadawayan 2019, the city managed to attract more than 235,094 visitors and the estimated tourism receipts for August 2019 was P1.92 billion and estimated economic benefits was P4.23 billion during the monthlong celebration of 2019.

“It’s a very new experience but at the same time, ayaw naming palampasin din itong Kadayawan month ng hindi man lang natin na-commemorate ang ating mga activities. We really wanted to happen things this year but its not to be. I think this will also be a precursor to all the other things that we are going to do in the future and I’m very sure that with the private sector and the media we will succeed in the new normal,” Tecson said.