Matina Enclaves to turn over second building in November

Things continue to get exciting for the Matina Enclaves, the hot-selling residential estate project that’s taken homebuyers in a frenzy.

On Tuesday, Escandor Development Corporation (Esdevco), developer of the Matina Enclaves, released its latest comprehensive construction update of Buildings C/2 and A/3 of The Enclaves Residences.

Future residents of Building C/2 are now conducting final inspection of their units in preparation for the turnover in November.

According to its general construction arm, Building C/2 of The Enclaves Residences is on its final finishing touches and will be the second building in the Matina Enclaves complex due for turnover. In August last year, Matina Enclaves officially inaugurated its first building with no less than President Rodrigo Duterte presiding over elaborate ceremonies.

Building A/3 construction meantime is currently on the third level.

Building C/2 is the second residential condominium to rise inside the sprawling Matina Enclaves complex developed by Esdevco, a Davao City-owned real estate firm owned by the Escandor family known for successes in hotel and security agency businesses, among others.

According to Matina Enclaves project head Gerard Kent Garces, details of the turnover are being planned and due for finalization. “We will announce the turnover as soon as we get everything sorted,” Garces said. “Right now, the owners of these units can’t wait for the day they get hold of the keys to their new homes.”

Future residents of Building C/2 of The Enclaves Residences will have the luxury of enjoying such amenities as the clubhouse, indoor gym, and swimming pool.