Damosa Land Honours Top Performers

Tonight is all about you. The people here tonight — the people that make up Damosa Land”, Damosa Land Inc Vice President Ricardo F. Lagdameo said during the DLI Excellence Awards Night on October 26 held at the Pearl Farm Marina, Davao City. He added, “For the past few years, you have bonded together as a team. You have achieved milestones. This was all you”.

The vibe was positively inspiring. From the decked out Pearl Farm Marina to the whimsical outfits to the smiles on their faces, the recently concluded DLI Excellence Awards Night was truly a night of fun, memories and camaraderie.

This night marks our fourth annual excellence award. The best time to pause, look back and reminisce of how much passion, effort, creative ideas and determination we have contributed and will continue to contribute for the growth and success of the company”, Seniour Finance Manager Virgmarie Bacalso shared.

The night saw and celebrated the outstanding achievements of Brokers, Property Specialists, Sales Managers and Sales Directors. Each was given a plaque of recognition and cash incentive. More so, Damosa Land Inc gave two vehicles for their Top Sales Manager and Top Sales Director.

Aside from the brokers, the company also recognized its top performing Non-Sales Employees. Unknown to anyone but Lagdameo, the awardees were caught off guard as their names were called. True enough, the roll call turned into a guessing game – descriptions were used to describe the individual before revealing their name.

Kung wala naman kayo, wala naman kami. This is a big family … continue to work hard, to work together”, DLI VP Lagdameo shared.  He further added, “We are only at the start of something great, we can do so much more”.

The night also paved way for local talents to shine brighter. Three fabulous performers with three different talents to share truly made everyone’s night one to remember. Meet Febie Band provided the soothing backdrop thus setting the mood before the program even began. Julien Joshua Dolor, young singer and violinist, kept everyone on the edge of their seats as he performed and sang songs after another. Also, Metro Dancers had everyone thumping to the beats.

To the recipients and awardees, continue to be inspired and be an inspiration. To Damosa Land, cheers!

Top Broker for Damosa Fairlane and Seawind Project
LAURICE SORIANO (PLAQUE + Php120K cash incentive)

Top In-house sellers for Damosa Fairlane Project
JEANETTE PAYOT, Broker Coordinator (PLAQUE + Php20K cash incentive)
EVONY MAY LLACUNA, Property Specialist (PLAQUE + Php20K cash incentive)

Top In-house sellers for Seawind Project
ELVIE CALONIA, Sales Manager (PLAQUE + Php20K cash incentive)
EVONA MAY LLACUNA, Property Specialist (PLAQUE + Php20K cash incentive)

JUMAR GALDO, Sales Manager (Nissan Navara)
ALBERT ALVARAN JR., Sales Director (Subaru Forester)