Aeon promotes ‘green construction’ mindset

As Davao City moves forward to  modernization, so does its commitment to the environment

Not even the construction boom could overwhelm the need for sustainable growth.

One of the projects advocating ‘green construction’ in Davao City is Aeon Towers located in J.P. Laurel in Davao City.

Aeon Towers not only stands out among the highly competitive real estate market because it is the next tallest building in Mindanao, it also stands out because the project incorporates modern living with ‘green lifestyle’. 

That is why, it offers tomorrow’s lifestyle today.

Owning a piece of Aeon Towers is like a step into the future and more.

Alright, you own a condo unit which makes you trendy and hip.

Whatever the cost and the amenities that go with owning one, the notion that what matters is that you live the millennial lifestyle—good location, upscale community, safe environs—is just not enough.

There is more to condo living than meets the eye. Kind of more like what the eye does not see.

It’s that ray of light on your windows each day when you open up to see the view from your condo unit, or simply to get a natural lighting.

Does that ray of light hurt? 

There’s a saying, what you don’t see will not hurt you. That’s just wrong.

That ray of light seething through your windows at the break of day, more likely is harmful to your health and your pocket.

Think about this.

Glass is becoming more popular in architectural designs because of the elegance and the natural light it provides. 

Aeon Towers not only leads the condominium market with its 33-level structure that is highest in the South but also its conscious attention to the welfare and quality of life for its occupants. 

With that mindset, Aeon Towers optimizes the benefits of green technology by using UV-protected glass panels for windows and walls of this majestic skyscraper.

“The welfare and quality of life of Aeon Towers’ future residents is foremost in our mind when we conceptualized the building. That is why we are very conscious about these considerations,” said Ian Cruz, president and CEO of FTC Group of companies, the developer of Aeon Towers.

Aeon Towers also uses Smart Home technology for digital control of condo amenities and fixtures. The technology allows one to control the electricity use of one’s household as well as window curtains to lessen power consumption.

“Everything in Aeon Towers is for the benefit of those who will live here,” said Cruz. 

UV-protection is a unique solution to harmful UV exposure because does not only reduce the heat and UV ray penetration but maintains a high level of visible light transmission into the room. With this eco-friendly technology, condo owners can finally open their curtains to enjoy the view outside the window with comfort and protection.



One can enjoy a cooler environment that prevents exhaustion, resulting to a more productive day. It also prevents heat related conditions like heat stroke especially during the summer. Unobstructed windows mean a brighter room with a better view.


UV-resistant glass protects the body from harmful UV which ages skin and causes skin disease. It also prevents furniture and products from fading and helps keep glass free from microbes.


Other than the health and welfare benefits, UV-protection glass saves you money.

How? It reduces the power your air-conditioner needs to keep your room cool. It lessens the use of artificial lights during the day and decreases the cost of maintenance by eliminating the use of glass cleaners.

UV-resistant glass reduces costs for air conditioning, lighting and heating among others and also blocks UV light. Moreover, this type of glass is fuel efficient and has low carbon emissivity thus less carbon footprint.

Aeon Towers feature multi-level condo units, a luxury hotel, restaurants and shops, BPO center, fitness gym, rubberized jogging lane, skydeck, infinity pool, and office spaces.

That’s Aeon Towers. Tomorrow’s lifestyle begins today.