OFWs find Aeon a wise investment

A good number of overseas Filipino workers (OFW) has put their hard-earned money on condominium investment.

Among the current Davao City condominium projects, Aeon Towers is one of the top choice investments of OFWs. Any investment from one’s hardwork overseas should be carefully planned and weighed on in. Aeon came up among the tops on the list and why not? It’s a worthy investment that meets some of the reliable time-honored yardsticks of affordability, rental opportunity, less maintenance, and home concept.

As an OFW, being away from your families is not something you dream of for your entire life. Most of the time, especially in time of homesickness, an idea will come across you. You’ll think that if only there’s another way to earn enough money for the future, then you won’t have to go through a long lonely spell being away from your family for so long.

Luckily, there’s Aeon Towers which answer to the many questions people make before deciding they came into the right place.

Here are top 4 reasons why Aeon Towers is the perfect investment for OFWs.


In case you haven’t heard by now, real estate investment is still the safest, tangible kind of investment up to this date. Why safest? It’s because your money will definitely appreciate over time. 

Affordable? Investing with a few million pesos is no joke. However, realty investment needs a lot of capital and since you’re looking for the safest kind of investment, then you should be ready for this rule of thumb — low risk equals higher capital. Aeon Towers investment is “affordable” because it certainly is, especially when compared to house and lot properties located in prime location or within same area of the project.


With the growing population of our country, it’s best to invest on people’s necessities which people can not live without — food and home.

If a random survey will be made on people about their long term goals, you can be sure that “home” or decent place to live is always part of it. Since most of the people can’t afford to buy a place immediately, here’s an opportunity when you can offer your condo up for rental. Rates for renting a condo depends on location and building’s amenities. 


Another reason why investing in a condo is perfect for an OFW is the fact that it’s less maintenance. If you will rent it out for income generating purposes and assuming you got a yearly rental contract, only minimal or mostly no supervision is required. It’s different, a far cry indeed, when handling a business or a food cart franchise wherein you or someone you trust needs to be physically available to supervise your employees. Condo rental is a passive type of income. It’s definitely a perfect fit for one who doesn’t want much of a hassle especially in terms of managing employees and business logistics.

Another thing is the fact that it has a 24/7 SECURITY provided by the building management. Even if no one stays at your place, you will be at peace to leave it even without a caretaker.


OFWs come home and when they do, theyl need a place to stay. Working overseas is also not forever and after one decides to end his working days and retire, there’s nowhere to go but go back to the Philippines and live here for good. Thus, it is only logical to prepare for the future and buying a condominium as one’s future home is just a good option.

The Aeon Towers is a 33 storey mixed use building, strategically located along J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. It is the first tallest condominium building in Davao City and Mindanao and a PEZA accredited building.

It features Residential Area, 4-Star Hotel, BPO, Retail Mall with four levels of Basement Parking. The building sits on a 4,574m2 lot and has an approximate total CFA of 90,000m2. Aeon Towers’normal power supply will be coming from Davao Light and will have its own back up of 100%

power supply for the entire building. It also has a state of the art amenities such as infinity pool located at roof deck level, gym, jogging path. Some other featured highlights of the building are the Auxiliary Services Fire Alarm and Detection System (FDAS), Public Address / Background Music

System (PA/BGM), Cable TV/ IP TV, NMS / ACMV Controls and Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

Aeon Towers is now 93.89 percent complete in terms of civil works.