Property investment is a business proposition: Aeon developer

There is no generic, one-size-fits-all approach to property investment. 

Most real estate broker in the market probably say the property they are selling is the best investment out there. However, residential real estate, as with any other investment vehicle, requires an individualistic approach.

Aeon Luxe Properties president Ian Y. Cruz had this simple guide to share. “You must identify and address your own specific needs, goals and circumstances in order to achieve the successful investment you aspire to.”

Cruz said there are certain ‘rules of thumb’ which when applied, can make one’s journey much more fruitful and the road to reach the investment objectives a lot less rocky.

Aeon Luxe Properties is the developer of the iconic Aeon Towers which is approximately 90 percent complete and the soon-to-rise Aeon Bleu. Aeon Towers is a 33-level mixed use development that combines residential condominium with luxury hotel.

“Property investment is a business proposition,” said Cruz. 

Aeon Luxe provides would-be investors and homebuyers free consult in choosing the right property.

Investors who seek to buy property in Davao City for rental business in the future need to be well aware of their target demographic when it comes to ‘selling’ the product. Hence, choosing the right product, which in this case is the residential property, is crucial.

The bottomline, Cruz said, is that it is about selecting the appropriate property.

Aeon Luxe is set to participate at the Araw ng Davao Trade Fair and Bazaar this coming March 14-17, 2019. Interested parties may visit its booth inside the Davao Convention Center.