Raising a millennial family foremost in Esdevco’s mind

It used to be that the ideal family home is in an open space, house and lot with a front lawn, a garden or a backyard.

Things have changed with the times.

The demand, too, of living and raising a family in a practical sense. Hence, the single-family home is no longer the gold standard for family housing. 
Escandor Development Corporation (Esdevco) president Glenn Escandor understands the growing trend. Despite being a new player in the real estate development business, Escandor’s Esdevco jumped into the competition with its initial Matina Enclaves venture in Davao City that encompasses the variety of home options.

But Esdevco’s biggest mark is in building affordable but quality condominium units.

“You have to understand the trend and meet what young families are after,” Escandor said.

Esdevco’s mindset is built on meeting people’s expectations. As many millennials begin to raise a family, the more common option is to rent or buy condos in urban centres. Nevertheless, to wisely build homes however, it is important to first understand the whys behind this emerging trend. Who are these young families and what are they seeking in their housing, their communities, and their children’s’ futures?

Urban kids are exposed to a greater density and diversity of people, young and old. They develop social skills faster, they hone their “street smarts,” and they’re exposed to a more diverse social and economic mix. Exposure to cultural resources  — performing arts, museums, libraries and theatres stimulates kids’ creativity and develops diverse skills and interests that may not be covered in traditional school curricula.

In the global fight against climate change, the cost of fuel is likely to rise. Urban dwellers are moving closer to their places of work (into condos located in more densely built-up areas) and will often have access to affordable public transit or neighbourhoods with high walkability. A short commute means parents can be home to spend quality time with their kids after work, as opposed to facing the unpredictable traffic jams and long travel times along the highways to homes. Many condo developments feature pharmacies or grocery stores at street level or nearby, making a quick trip to the store for amenities only an elevator ride away.

Communal spaces like parks, public pools, libraries, and even the lobbies and shared spaces of condo buildings facilitate a sense of community between people from all walks of life. 

At Matina Enclaves, for instance, Esdevco has built the Arcadia Active Lifestyle Center right across the complex aside from the amenities that are built in within the residential estate.

Arcadia offers modern fitness training and equipment, basketball and event center along with restaurants, function rooms and coffee shop.

“The needs of the community are foremost in our minds when we incorporate function with structure and space,” said Escandor.