Esdevco fetes top Realtors, Sellers

There’s nothing like the feeling of a job well done and being recognized for your efforts.

Intrinsic rewards are satisfying, but knowing your efforts are valued by others can be equally motivating. That’s the thought behind people recognition: The formal acknowledgment of an employee’s exceptional effort in supporting an organization’s goals and values.

Satisfied sales people are more productive, offer better customer service, and have better relationships with suppliers. 

That’s the concept behind the Sellers and Realtors recognition program of Escandor Development Corporation (Esdevco) which has been a regular activity since the homegrown real estate firm barged into the competition with its maiden signature project Matina Enclaves.

Esdevco president and CEO Glenn Escandor has mandated for regular recognition programs for its Top Sellers and Realty partners which have been their main asset by far.

Led by project director Gerald Kent GarcesEsdevco feted its Top Sellers and Realtors from April to September 2019 in its recent recognition rites.

April’s Top Realtors are Anthony Leuterio (Leuterio Realty-Filipino Homes), Eric John Villasor (Villasor Realty), Solomon Banez (Banez Realty), Joesin Torrejas (Property Finder Davao), Samuel Lao (Realty Options) and Charity Furog (Furog Realty). The Top Performing Sellers are Orpha Banez (Banez Realty), Athena Alexandra Khu (Leuterio Realty), Fe Viduya (Property Finder Davao), Sheena Furog (Furog Realty), Reynadeth Panaligan (YBP), Glydel Llanera (Villasor-YBP), Ryan Sayson (Leuterio), Filomena Balbarino (Leuterio), Veljean Villareiz (Three V), Lalaine Rivas (Leuterio), Angelito Carbilledo (Leuterio), Elvin Cainglet (Leuterio), and Celeste Del Rosario (Ortiz Realty).

May Top Realtors: Anthony Leuterio (Leuterio Realty-Filipino Homes), Solomon Banez (Banez Realty), Rebecca Polinar (Selyado Realtors), Samuel Lao (Realty Options) and Letecia Ablas (Ablas Realty). Top Performing Sellers: Orpha Banez (Banez Realty), Maria Cecilia Minoza (Leuterio Realty), Reza Escamillan (Realty Options), Athena Alexnadra Khu (Leuterio), Jonathan dela Cerna (Banez), Arden Young (Leuterio-Filipino Homes), Euan Castino (Selyado) and Jocelyn Santos (Leuterio).
June Top Realtors: Anthony Leuterio (Leuterio Realty-Filipino Homes), Aleiah dela Victoria (DBHR Brokerage), Emily Jane Calibo (Explorer Davao Realty), Atty Verna Cabuhat (Apex Realtprs), and Solomon Banez (Banez Realty). Top Performing Sellers: Betsy dela Victoria (DBHR), Athena Alexnadra Khu (Leuterio), Merry Grace Estrada (Explorer Davao), Cristine Mae Ulep (Apex Properties), and Arden Young (Leuterio).

July Top Realtors: Anthony Leuterio (Leuterio Realty-Filipino Homes), Solomon Banez (Banez Realty), Aleiah dela Victoria (DBHR Brokerage), Charity Furog (Furog Realty), Eric John Villasor (Villasor Realty), and Dexter Besinan (Besinan Realty). Top Performing Sellers: Giralyn Ferrariz (Banez), Faye Tabunda, Shiena May Furog (Furog), Glenn Alvarez (Villasor), Jan Jeriko Ponteras (Leuterio), Arve Hermosella (Besinan), Manfred Lawas (Leuterio), Nesseric Rose Sulla (DBHR), and Rowena Suaybaguio (Banez).

August Top Realtors: Anthony Leuterio (Leuterio Realty-Filipino Homes), Arnold Nolasco (More Than Realty), Solomon Banez (Banez Realty), Letecia Ablas (Ablas Realty), and Zarah Rebagay (ZTR-YBP). Top Performing Sellers: Athena Alexnadra Khu (Leuterio), Edwin Rodrigo Jr. (Leuterio), Annabelle Dangoy (Leuterio), Veljean Villareiz (Three V), Queen Irene Quijote (Leuterio), Elvin Cainglet (More Than Realty), and Darwin Ben Rebagay (ZTR-YBP).

September Top Realtors: Anthony Leuterio (Leuterio Realty-Filipino Homes), Reynadeth Panaligan (YBP), and Merlyn Del Rosario (MS DelRosario). Top Performing Sellers: Anabelle Basio (Leuterio-Filipino Homes), Jocelyn Pasigna (YBP), and Darwin Ben Rebagay (ZTR-YBP).