Setting architectural benchmarks

High-rise buildings are sprouting all over Davao City in the past few years. What used to be an empty skyscape is now becoming a race to the skies.

The construction boom actually began ten years ago when major players in the real estate industry began to expand to Davao City. It’s not surprising. These major players known when to crack the untapped market.

With the Metro Manila and Cebu property market getting too crowded for these players, the next best thing is to shift their focus to the South.

Unruffled by the entry of the major players in Davao City, homegrown firm Aeon Luxe Properties Inc. which comes from a pedigree of successful business ventures from retail to property rentals joined the fray with their initial project Aeon Towers.

The company did not start small. It decided to enter the real estate market with an answer to what the big kids are doing.

Hence, the iconic Aeon Towers project.

Aeon Towers is nut just a testament of the bullish attitude of Davao businessmen but also represents that unique creativity and attention too details.

Needless to say, Aeon Towers sets the benchmark in modern architecture and structural innovation in the Southern Philippines.

According to its builders, Aeon Towers is designed using sophisticated structural software and built on a multilayered foundation to ensure its resilience and stability against forces of nature.

The 33-level skyscraper conforms to the latest provisions of the National Structural Code of the Philippines and other relevant codes for earthquake-resistant structures in high seismic-risk regions.

With that, Aeon Towers assures residents and condo owners of their safety and peace of mind.

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