Aeon Luxe Properties, SM Homes collab to enhance services to condo residents

Leading developer Aeon Luxe Properties and SM Homes have agreed to collaborate in providing amazing home choices for condo unit owners of the ALPI developments.

“We are thrilled to announce our exciting collaboration with SM Homes, which will enable us to prioritize and enhance our services for the homeowners at Aeon Luxe Properties,” said Jester Hospital, ALPI Vice President for Sales and Marketing.

Hospital added that the partnership marks a significant step forward “in our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and exceeding the expectations of our valued residents. Together with SM Homes, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions and creating a more enriched living environment for all those who call Aeon Luxe Properties home.”

Hospital is currently coordinating with SM Home to announce the full details of the partnership. (NJB)

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