CLEAN SLATE: ‘EmPaowerment’

Pao Salvador, who ran for City Councilor but lost, happens to be an outstanding player and is currently a basketball coach and manager.

As I listened to her statements at the weekly Davao Sportswriters Association (DSA) Forum at the SM City Davao in Ecoland aired by Kataladi DRL on FB, I can sense her genuine love for amateur basketball development.

You know sports friends, it has never been easy to form squads for national tournaments.

But this Pao Salvador, with the help of her friends, has managed to build one for the NBTC National Finals this coming March.

Impressive noh?

And here’s the best part, coach Pao has been able to get funding from the private sector for their players to go to Manila.

Mas impressive noh?

I always admire sports leaders in the Davao Region, who despite the lack or no funding at all from the local governments, can still find the needed resources for their teams.

Mangita gyud ug paagi ba.

Coach Pao said that they are giving their players the chance to build a very good impression to scouts in Manila looking for new players for the amateur and professional leagues.

Davao has been for many years developed outstanding players who get recruited by Manila-based schools.

In the past, we have seen the exodus of Davao’s finest basketeers and some of them made it to the PBA.

And this cycle of sports life has been a good thing for our basketeers.

If coach Pao keeps this going for the next three years, she deserves not just all the praises from the sports community, but a seat in the next City Council.


Because we need more sports development-backing legislators, not just incumbent Councilor Tek Ocampo.

And coach Pao will be able to “emPaower” those powerless in the Davao sports community.

* * *

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