Golfer of the Week – Charlemagne B. Aldevera

Charlemagne “Charlie” Aldevera comes from very humble beginnings.
Just like many probinsiyanos, he came to Davao City to seek greener pastures away from his home in Bansalan, Davao del Sur, a sacrifice he did not regret at all.
After landing a job in the judiciary, he studied law at the University of Mindanao and became a lawyer in 1975. His wife, Marilou Dureza, is also a lawyer. Much later, one of his three children, Charmalou D. Aldevera, inherited his father’s law practice.
On the golf course, you always see him in a good mood. Sporting a warm smile, talking to fellow golfers and friends, Charlie has not changed a bit. He is still a simple man.
He never runs out of talking points that can make his friends around him laugh. One friend, even said “Duna gyud na siya sumpay sa storya. Makatawa ka gyud.”
No wonder, friends enjoy his company.
And why do you find him on the golf course?
Charlie said with a straight face: “As you age, your balls shrink.”
Charlie, a member of the board of directors of the Davao City Water District played basketball in his younger years, later shifting to tennis and eventually to golf.
“Mao nay ako bu-ot gipasabot ganina (that’s what I meant a while ago),” Aldevera said, bursting into laughter. From basketball, to tennis ball, finally to golf ball.
Aldevera is a member of the BULDOG (Businessman, Lawyer, Doctor, Golfers) but despite what the name BULDOG evokes, he turns out to be the most simple and humble golfer of all. [Moses P. Billacura]