Golfer of the Week – Alejandro Cobol

ALEJANDRO “Al” Cobol is another of those regular guys that one gets to meet in life.
A native of Padada, Davao del Sur, he came to Davao City and ended up becoming one of the hundreds of public school teachers hereabouts. He brought along with him a desire for higher learning, thanks to the training he received from St. Michael’s College of Padada.
Consequently, he went to law school at the University of Mindanao and in time became a lawyer. He joined two law firms and eventually settled with a veteran lawyer, Camilo Naraval. Upon Naraval’s death, Atty. Cobol took over the operations and subsequently established his own, the Cobol Law firm that holds office at the Caritas Building.
He had a simple routine — reporting to the office, attending trials and after 5 p.m. gors straight home. The only thing that broke that “monotony” was golf.
“I work hard for my family and playing golf with friends is a very good break for me,” said Cobol, who belongs to the UM College of Law Class of 1994.
Al started with an old golf set given him by a friend and cecame a weekend golfer.
“I enjoy the company of my friends, most of them lawyers,” said the head of the lawyer’s group belonging to BULDOG.
He said BULDOG, an organization of Businessmen, Lawyers and Doctors (hence the acronym) who love playing golf, is not just a mere association of fellow players but well-meaning citizens who plan to engage in community work.
“Among ourselves, we help raise funds as we intend to do community work soon,” said Al, a member of the Rotary Club of Matina and of the Davao City Golf Club.
Cobol said that their monthly tournaments is also a time to meet with key officers to draw up the community service plans.
“Yes, we enjoy playing golf because it is a stress reliever, but we will be happier if we are able to undertake projects for our community, especially for the poor,” he said.
To Al, golf is fun, besides being good for one’s health.
“No wonder, we don’t stop playing golf,” Cobol said. [Moses P. Billacura]