New NBA rule prohibits Twitter use during games

The NBA is instituting a policy regarding Twitter and other social media sites, banning players from using them during games.
The league sent a memo to teams on Wednesday telling them that cell phones and other communication devices can’t be used from 45 minutes before game time until after players have finished their responsibilities after games. That includes halftime.
The rule applies to “coaches, players and other team basketball operations personnel.” NBA spokesman Tim Frank confirmed the memo and its contents.
The memo does not specify penalties for violation of the rule, and says teams are free to create their own policies for practices and other team events.
The NBA has more than 1.4 million followers on Twitter, and many players are active on it.
Meanwhile, NBA referees will be able to use instant replay on shot-clock and out-of-bounds calls this season.
The NBA Board of Governors approved the expanded use on Friday.
Referees will be permitted to check a replay to see if the 24-second clock expired before a successful shot or a foul. They can also consult video during the last 2 minutes of regulation and any overtime period to determine which player last touched the ball prior to it going out of bounds.