2010 Kadayawan challenge: Making it a success, for less

WORKING on  a  shoestring budget may be the greater challenge of this year’s Kadayawan Festival, even as executive committee headed by city administrator Zuluieka Lopez is confident of pulling off another surprise with the help of the private sector.
Speaking for the Kadayawan 2010 Execom during the Monday SM Davao Press Club forum, Mayette Ibuyan-Abayon, James Zimmerman and Bong Aportadera, expect another successful staging of the city’s major festival with the support of the private sector.
Most of the funding pegged at P10 million will come from the private sector, the main  stakeholder in the city’s annual  festival of thanksgiving, said James Zimmerman, chairman of the Pamulak committee for the grand floral float parade.
He said that the organizers intend to duplicate the unforgettable showcasing of the highly successful 2007 Kadayawan parade of beautiful flowers spearheaded by Davao’s famous orchids and the bountiful harvest of the city’s delicious fruits led by the exotic durian.
Zimmerman said the outstanding display of the 2007 floats was one of the best and acknowledged  the city’s  flower producers, notably the Puentespina Orchids and other growers and hall of famer NCCC Mall and the long list of regular participants as those who had made every Kadayawan floral float parade a huge success.
The floats actually cost more than the prizes they may win, especially those that cost up to half-a-million. Zimmerman said that as far as the participants are concerned the cost is nothing compared to the honor of helping the city retain its role as one of the main tourist destinations this time of the year. [Romy Sabaldan]
Pamulak is one of the two major street events of the Kadayawan, the other being the famous Indak-Indak and streetdancing which is chaired this year by Mayette Ibuyan-Abayon.
Abayon  said they expect a positive response from the private sector  since the new mayor, Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio,  needs all the help she can get as the youngest and first woman chief executive of the city.