CLEAN SLATE: WT’s victory, PSC Mindanao office and `Budyong’

Clean Slate: Moses P Billacura

Before I proceed to my main topic, I’d like to congratulate Willie Torres of W-Autosports for winning first place in the Open Pro Class and emerging Overall Champion in the Philippine Mini Racers Classic last June 23 at the Batangas Racing Circuit.

Torres, president of the University of Mindanao and a good friend to sportswriters, in fact, a godfather to a few of us, clocked a best time of 2:04.338 of the total 11:00.938 on board his 1967 Mini “Mark I”.

Congratulations Ninong Willie! Enjoy the ride!

* * *

There was a time when we have a Mindanao office of the Philippine Sports Commission during the first chairmanship term of William “Butch” Ramirez.  When he decided to come home to Davao, naturally, that satellite office was not maintained by the PSC Board.

With Chairman Ramirez back in the PSC, thanks to the victory of Mayor Digong as president of this Republic, we got our PSC Mindanao office back, this time located inside the DACS Compound in Juna Subdivision. There I was able to meet Hannah Sagsagat and Allyster Astronomo, two of the five staff under PSC Cluster Head for Mindanao Prof.Ed Fernandez.

Technically, Mindanao as an island has an over-all overseer which is Commissioner Charles Maxey but he is based in Manila as member of the PSC Board. 

The Mindanao office has been very busy in the conduct of the Children’s Games and the Sports for Peace program which I hope will last even if Mayor Digong is no longer president.

I’ve been monitoring also the movements of Prof.Henry Daut, another amigo, who has been in and out of Mindanao on behalf of the PSC. 

I am happy that professors Fernandez and Daut, upon instructions of chairman Ramirez, have established links to local government units, especially far-flung LGUs that were never served or underserved by the national sports agency.

Sports development is about building communities with specific target of molding the minds of children by teaching them the values of sports and to keep them away from illegal drugs and other vices.   Mag sige kag computer diha, nah! You will never be physically fit.   As children, our only thoughts are to play and follow our parents.  Mag sige ra gyug duwa with our silingans.  We run, climb the trees, build a tabanog, lothang, etc.

I’m really delighted because the PSC Mindanao office has started to institutionalize our local games by professionally organizing it.   This is the best way to invest in the development of kids.  We give them an avenue to play and believe me, they are very observant and so one day, when they become adults they will remember this and once they have the capacity to give back, they will do that for the next generation.

Sometimes, my head aches thinking of the squabbles  of Philippine Olympic Committee officials in Manila. Hangtod karon baya nagka gidlay rang dagan kay sigeg away at the expense of the athletes. Hapit na baya ang SEA Games! Hay! Pastilan.

If only I have the “power” (kili kili power ra may atoa, hahaha), that POC will never receive a single cent from government coffers.  Samok mo!

Instead, I will invest government money to the children of this country by intensifying the Children’s Games and Sports for Peace.  Naa pay kapuslanan oi.

So our dear Professors Henry and Edfer, please keep up the noble work and start thinking of maintaining this program even after the term of Mayor Digong and chairman Ramirez because we don’t know yet who will be the next president.  Will the next president maintain the Mindanao office so that the noble programs will keep going?

From what I gathered, okay lang if Mayor Inday will be the next president because being a mother herself, the more she will support the Children’s Games and Sports for Peace Mindanao. Mothers know best baya.  Ayaw lang na imbitaha, unya patan awon nimog mga bata pa kaayo nag boxing, kay mo walkout, hehehehe.

* * *

If you happen to visit the PSC Mindanao office, don’t forget to grab a copy of “Budyong”, the official magazine of PSC-Mindanao.