Gumela, Ninofranco top Kadayawan race

Eleazar Gumela of Davao Metro Shuttle and Gelyn Ninofranco of TriGenerals came out the toughest in their respective categories in the modified 34th Kadayawan Triathlon on Sunday, August 4, at the Villa Josefina Resort Village.

Gumela crossed the finish line at one hour, 56 minutes and 54 seconds to romp away with the Olympic male overall title in the race that was converted into a run-bike-run event after the organizers cancelled the swim stage due to bad weather.

Closely trailing behind were siblings Jong Sajulga and  Andrei Sajulga of Caltex Delo Tribu who checked in at 1:57:14, and 1:57.51, respectively.

Ninofranco, on the other hand, ruled the distaff side of the Olympic-distant race after clocking 2:51:15, outracing her lone rival Ana Palconit of Triad Davao who finished at 3:05:49.