Surfing community is losing its ‘home’


Development means sacrifice. Oftentimes, lots of it.
With the impending construction of the coastal road, all beaches traced within its target shoreline will be vastly affected, perhaps, disappear.

The local surfers have spoken through their just-concluded Surf in the City “One more ride” held last Sunday, August 4, at the Bonguyan Beach Resort.

On the other hand, the Davao City Local Skimboarders (DCLS) will hold its 5th Local Skimboarding Competition this coming Sunday, August 11 at the Mergrande Ocean Resort.

This might be unfortunately the last for both community but it is not a petition as this considered a sacrifice for progress of the city.

The surfing and skimboarding playgrounds in Davao City will soon be gone but it will mean a less traffic metro.

Saddening for the local enthusiast of the sports, it is widely accepted.

The Surf in the City existed for five years and has been the main avenue for local surfers of Davao City including the current Vice Mayor Sebastian “Baste” Duterte.

The DCLS Skimboarding Competition, on the other hand, existed the same span.

Unlike the previous editions, this year is considered the biggest with different communities getting involved including the skateboarding, surfing, private companies and government sectors even the LGBT community has expressed their support. 

In this last hurrah, the DCLS expects more support as the skimboarding playground of Davao City, just like the surfing community, will soon be all just memories.