Sports is on Vacation

Hey, why is everything quiet in the sports world?

It took an invisible seemingly harmless pathogen of the corona strain to put the world in a standstill.

Everybody is angry, mad and exasperated.

After some dilly dallying on the part of the IOC organizers and the host, he Tokyo 2020 Olympics have been finally postponed to 2021, same summer date, that is July.

Many athletes looking to grab some spotlight were almost in peak form. The postponement will naturally push back their preparations to a grinding halt and well, begin anew from A to Z.

In the US where the CoVid19 is striking hard (200,000 have already been infected and more than 5,000 deaths have been recorded) boxing, basketball (NBA and NCAA), football, baseball and every other popular mass spectator sport have been out on hold as mass gatherings have been banned.

The lockdown world-wide has likewise adversely affected our small country and the few sports events we usually watch on the boob tube have been set aside.

To our consternation, of course.

So, assuming the lockdown is lifted by April 15 and no extension is announced by Malacanang, the resumption of sports activities here may be set by May.

From today, that’s about 45 days, more or less.

The usual venues will have to be disinfected to ensure the safety of everybody, sports fans and the players, coaches, team staff, etc.

All governments around the world were taken by surprise and are now bending against the horrendous weight of this viral menace.

Now, I bet all of us must have learned a painful lesson not to take things for granted especially if it concerns the physical health of every family member.

I hope all are praying hard, on bended knees, for the Father Almighty to intervene and eradicate by His awesome omnipotence this deadly virus.

As human, no one can claim to conquer this invisible enemy.

Only the Good Lord can. This hope in God will strengthen us to overcome this malady.

I leave you this inspiring quote from Mohandas Gandhi, the father of India: “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” Cheers! (Email your feedback to GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!