Trump sports task force

Being the epicenter of sports – professional and amateur – the US is looking for ways to restore its calendar of activities notwithstanding that efforts to discover the vaccine to kill the virus are still in the laboratory stage.

Pres. Donald Trump himself is in talks with league commissioners and team owners, among them NBA’s Adam Silver and Mark Cuban, team owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks, to get the games going again.

Trump, a baseball fanatic, has complained of weariness in watching 14-year old re-runs of Major League Baseball games on television.

National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman said however nothing yet has been ruled in but the talks could positively lead them somewhere.

The much heralded Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s leading infectious disease expert who has served six US presidents as Director of the National Institute of Health, said there are potential plans that could result in bringing back sports in their respective arenas shortly after Trump created the task force with league commissioners and team owners.

Dangers and risks were the main focus of debate and discussion, considering that the CoVid 19, codename of the new corona virus that originated from Wuhan City, China, seems to be continuing an uoward course.

It appears that the so-called risks and dangers are dependent on the whims and desires of local health officials and politicians who may have a different outlook of the levels of the pandemic health hazard.

Among the issues itemized in the risks and dangers list include travelling, billeting and accommodation, expenses and challenges of keeping arenas open.

I consider these as audacious and bold steps in a country of extrovert people, sports crazy even, that has gone bored since the lockdown began more than a month ago.

I think the sports task force may start by picking out one sport for the moment as a test case. Baseball usually starts at the spring break and it being the number one American sport, the MLB (Major League Baseball) may be chosen to trigger off the sports calendar in late May or in June.

I do not know how sports leaders in the Philippines will react to the above development because the Duterte government is strictly enforcing the ECQ to make sure the virus is contained and controlled in all levels.

Which means that even if the lockdown is lifted, the Inter-Agency Task Force may yet deem it appropriate not to approve the holding of PBA games, the UAAP tournament and other popular spectator sport because the Filipinos have shown an un-disciplined attitude (social distancing, masks wearing, hygiene, etc).

Therefore, these sports leagues may have to respectively seek written approval from the IATF to restore and continue their aborted calendar of activities.

There are opinions coming from the medical and scientific sectors that a second wave of the corona virus may spring back to life if governments exercise a lax attitude (as what happened in Italy, Spain, France and other seriously affected countries).

At any rate, we are also as bored as other sports fanatics. Let us hope we can watch something interesting on the boob tube soon. Cheers!