10 More DavOr Barangays Cleared from Insurgency

DAVAO ORIENTAL – The province of Davao Oriental has been remarkably gaining grounds in its endeavors in putting an end to insurgency, no matter how ambitious it may seem.

Adding feather to its cap, ten more barangays from two municipalities of the province was declared as insurgency cleared by the Area Clearing Validation Board (ACVB).

Now declared as insurgency-cleared are Barangays Causwagan, Mahayag, and Maputi of Banayanay town, and Barangays San Isidro, Macangao, Calapagan, Cocornon, Don Mariano, Limbahan, and Cabadiangan of Lupon town.

Mayor Adalia Lopez of Banaybanay personally witnessed the validation so she can readily defend her three barangays for validation.

The presentation made by the Philippine Army in the validation program divulged the process of validation and the categories of the lawless elements’ influence to the said barangays. Categories which describe the areas are threatened, less influenced, and highly influenced.

Moreover, parameters used in area-clearing validation include the solutions that address the issues used by the CPP-NPA-NDF, denial of access of the NPA to barangay resources and, establishment and functionality of barangay information networks and integrated community public safety system.

Brigadier General Mario Lacurom, Chairman of the Validation Board and Assistant Division Commander of the Philippine Army’s 10th Infantry Division, explained that these are the requirements, mechanisms set by the government in furtherance of the campaign against insurgency.

“This is the aftermath of our Community Support Program (CSP). The program has proven to be very convenient for the government agencies. Our soldiers, after their immersion to the barangays, are cognizant to their needs, they inform the agencies on these needs that must be addressed. Though the soldiers are not the service providers, but they are instruments in addressing the needs of the people,” he said.

Lacurom also thanked the Provincial Government for its ardent and enormous desire and efforts to stop insurgency.

Earlier, Governor Nelson Dayanghirang admitted that the province had achieved that peace before, but due to complacency, the problem on insurgency surfaced again.

“But now, we are more than determined to put an end to the decades-old problem. And our local chief executives and the barangays can greatly contribute on this, since they are the first line of defense,” he emphasized.

He added that there is no reason why the province cannot be insurgency free again with the convergence of efforts the province is now known for and replicated by other local government units.

The area clearing validation was attended by local counterparts of the Board headed by Col. Rodolfo Lavadia, Jr., Deputy Brigade Commander of the Philippine Army’s 701st Brigade; and members of the Philippine National Police, and the Punong Barangays of the validated barangays. By: Ms. Neela Duallo/Photos by Rhea Shane Laureano