Panabo preparing for a peaceful 2019 election

April 29, The City Election Officer Sittie Rahma Pantalan gathered selected officials and organizations in the city in preparation for a peaceful and orderly conduct of the 2019 midterm election.

Some of those which were discussed are the tasks of each office during the election period. COMELEC also reminded the offices of other responsibilities following the resolutions issued by the COMELEC-Central Office.

According to the OIC PNP Chief PMAJ. Ernesto M. Gregore, each school or polling place with clustered precincts will be manned by a police personnel to ensure safety and security on May 13. 

Furthermore, a separate meeting will be conducted by the PNP, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), and COMELEC while the election officer encouraged to activate the City Elections Monitoring and Action Center (CEMAC) with the PNP.

In addition, a medical assistance team from the City Health Office, City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office, and Department of Education – Panabo City will be deployed.

Meanwhile, the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) will send volunteers from Maryknoll College of Panabo who will man a voter’s assistance desk at polling areas. 

Daycare centers will also be opened during the election day to cater children while their parents are voting.

Finally, Pantalan reminded the members that the liquor ban will start on May 12, a day before the election.